Onboard Dining

Swan Hellenic: the culinary and bar offerings on board

Swan Hellenic, a cruise line that specializes in expedition tours, aims not only to “make its guests see what others do not see,” but also to let them “explore a taste of the extraordinary.” Guests, on board the ships, can choose from three distinct dining options, which are: the Swan Restaurant, the Club Lounge, and […] Read more

Oceania: a new rum and whisky program in 2023

Oceania Cruises will introduce a series of innovative rum and whisky programs on its entire fleet in 2023. Experiences will feature a wide collection of The Macallan‘s iconic expressions with The Macallan Diamond Bar Cart, while Brugal 1888 Doblemente Añejado Rum will be featured in a new mixology class Tea at Sea and a wide […] Read more

Silver Endeavour: new culinary experiences on board

Silversea Cruises, has revealed details on the range of dining experiences available aboard Silver Endeavour, the world’s most luxurious expedition ship, which will welcome guests to Antarctica beginning November 21. Silver Endeavour will feature four exclusive restaurants, as well as the Arts Café and 24-hour room service available at all times. “Our guests will be […] Read more

Chef for a night on Costa Firenze

An exceptional dining experience is possible aboard the Costa Firenze With 16 restaurants on board, it has the distinction of being one of the ships in Costa ‘s fleet with the greatest gastronomic choice to date. Indeed, the choice is immense among the many restaurants on board, ranging from the Michelin-starred cuisine of the Casanova […] Read more

Wonderland: Imaginative Cuisine on Royal Caribbean

Wonderland, one of the speciality restaurants on board the Royal Caribbean International fleet, presents a new “Imaginative Cuisine” concept that will amaze you with its combinations and setting. Forget the menu concept, with a classic series of courses. Forget classic table settings with elegant tablecloths and white porcelain plates. Twist your concept of flavours, of […] Read more

Candles: on Windstar you dine beneath the sails

Candles is the most exciting dining experience on board Windstar Cruises‘ sailing ships, allowing you to enjoy dinner on the outside deck amidst the magic of sails and sailing. A voyage aboard Wind Surf is a fascinating experience in itself and can offer much more than just a cruise. But when we add fine dining […] Read more

Seabourn presents: the real “Sushi”

On Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation the Sushi experience truly takes you to a corner of Japan, with the authentic tastes of Japanese cuisine and excellent service. On the center8 deck of the ship, on Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation, you’ll find a small restaurant in perfect Japanese style: Sushi. Open for lunch and dinner, […] Read more

Casanova: the gourmet restaurant of Costa Firenze

Wonder if you’ve ever experienced a gourmet menu aboard a cruise ship? Definitely one of the things I recommend you do on your next cruise. On the Costa Firenze you can experience the best of Italian and international gastronomic tradition at the Casanova Restaurant. An evening you will surely remember and something absolutely new on […] Read more

S.A.L.T.: Silversea introduces its itineraries to the table

Silversea Cruises is offering an unprecedented food and wine cultural and catering programme on board the latest ships in its fleet. It’s called S.A.L.T., which stands for Sea and Land Taste. But that’s not all. I would also add knowledge, discovery, culture and passion as well as taste. The luxury airline has really developed a […] Read more

An evening at Archipelago on Costa Smeralda!

Costa Cruises‘ Archipelago Restaurant is not just a gourmet restaurant, it is design, taste, sustainability, a true sensational experience. On the Costa Smeralda we had the pleasure and the honor to dine at the Archipelago restaurant. Crossed the threshold of the door you are immediately welcomed by the staff that with kindness and composure directs […] Read more