Cruise Destinations

Scenic: Discovering the Fascinating Rhône Valley

Beauty, cuisine, and architecture on an eight-day journey from Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, to the vibrant Roman city of Arles. Sailing along the Rhône and Saône rivers aboard the luxurious Scenic ship, you will admire castles, cathedrals, vineyards, olive groves, villages, and fascinating sites, from ancient Roman ruins to underground secret passages and […] Read more

Riverside: Luxury Cruises Along the Saône

Comfort, luxury, and extraordinary landscapes among moors, vineyards, and forests are what you can enjoy during a Riverside cruise along the Saône, a region rich in villages with charming churches and populated by Charolais cows. Along the Saône, a slightly smaller river with little freight traffic, one of the strongholds was the picturesque village of […] Read more

Emerald Azzurra in the Caribbean with New Itineraries

Emerald Cruises is positioning Emerald Azzurra in the Caribbean for the winter of 2024/2025, unveiling new itineraries. The company already offers Caribbean itineraries aboard Emerald Sakara, which has nearly reached full capacity for the upcoming season. Due to this high demand, new Caribbean itineraries have been launched, featuring the sister ship Emerald Azzurra with cruises […] Read more

Star Seeker: The Return to Alaska and Japan in 2026

Windstar Cruises, the small ship cruise line, has revealed its plan to position its new ship, Star Seeker, in Alaska and Japan when it joins the fleet in 2026. The last time Windstar sailed in Alaska and Japan was in 2023, before moving Star Breeze to Tahiti year-round. Windstar Cruises has now confirmed that the […] Read more

Aqua Expeditions: Destinations Through Flavors

Immersed in voyages along the Indonesian islands or the Peruvian Amazon with Aqua Expeditions, guests have the opportunity to meet chefs Benjamin Cross and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino on board. Through a symphony of flavors that narrate a story rich in culture and traditions, one delves into the culinary soul of a country. This year, it […] Read more

Scenic: Between South Georgia and Falkland Islands

With the arrival of summer in Antarctica and South Georgia, Scenic offers a journey to explore these pristine destinations, including the Falkland Islands, rich with majestic landscapes and wildlife. This expedition will provide a full exploration of the Falkland Islands, home to the largest population of gentoo penguins and historical settlements known for the 1980 […] Read more

Emerald Cruises: A Deeper Dive into Europe

Emerald Cruises expands the itineraries of its 2024 European river cruise collection. Guests will be able to enjoy a tour and stay, including a typical European breakfast, both before and after their cruise. The 10-day Sensations of Lyon & Provence with Paris cruise will combine an exploration of Provence with an extended experience in the […] Read more

Star Clippers: New Themed Cruises for 2024 and 2025

The 2024 and 2025 themed cruise schedule by Star Clippers offers guests the opportunity to learn new skills, work on personal growth, or achieve their fitness goals while sailing. A specialist in tall ships for over 30 years, Star Clippers has arranged for speakers, chefs, and fitness instructors to provide themed cruises featuring yoga, photography, […] Read more

Scenic Eclipse: Relax in Bermuda and the Bahamas

This is a unique opportunity: thanks to Scenic Luxury Cruise, you can sail through the tropical paradise of Bermuda and the Bahamas, each with its own charm and natural wonders, united by a warm climate, ideal for this exclusive and unique cruise from October 12 to 24, 2024. On the ultra-luxurious 6-star hotel yacht, the […] Read more

Windstar: winter itineraries in the Mediterranean 2025/26

Windstar Cruises, capitalizing on the growing trend of year-round travel in Europe, has unveiled its new winter itineraries in the Mediterranean for 2025/2026, establishing itself as one of the very few cruise companies to sail in the Mediterranean during the winter. Windstar offers six unique itineraries plus six Star Collectors departures, combining itineraries for deeper […] Read more