Silversea Cruises: let’s explore the Silver Wind

Silver Wind, a small unit owned by Silversea Cruises, began service is 1995 but, thanks to an extensive refit, it is a ship that today offers warm hospitality and plenty of comfort. The size of “just” 17,235 tons and 156 meters in length makes the ship seem similar to a large yacht where you will […] Read more

Costa Firenze: an all-Italian beauty

Costa Firenze, a recent addition to the Costa Cruises fleet represents a tribute to the Renaissance and brings Italian style and the search for beauty to the sea, recalling Florentine environments and a taste for art. Conceived for the Asian market, it is a sister ship of the Costa Venezia, inspired by another beautiful Italian […] Read more

Marina: the beauty of Oceania Cruises

The Marina, a 66,084 tonne ship launched in January 2011, was the first unit of the new generation of ships to renew the Oceania Cruises fleet. Built by Fincantieri, the first O-Class ship for Oceania has a maximum capacity of 1258 passengers and 629 cabins. The Marina is distinguished by the elegance of the rooms […] Read more

Silver Moon: elegance and innovation from Silversea

Silver Moon, the twin of the Silver Muse, is a Silversea Cruises ship delivered in October 2020, with cutting-edge technology, innovations in style and comfort and the famous S.A.L.T. program that allows guests to discover new places through gastronomy. Silver Moon has a design inspired by the Silver Muse, however many of the common guest […] Read more

On board the Costa Deliziosa, Costa Cruises style

The Costa Deliziosa, a Costa Cruises ship completed in 2010 and part of the Luminosa class, was built by Fincantieri in the Marghera shipyards. At a weight of 92,700 tons and with a capacity for 2260 guests (based on double occupancy) this is a medium sized ship within the contemporary cruise ship context. The majority […] Read more

New Silver Origin is already a legend

Prominently displayed at a recent Webinar hosted by Barbara Muckermann, Chief Marketing Officer of Silversea Cruises, were the words of Charles Darwin. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” The irony of this statement was […] Read more

Aida Perla, the complete guide

Aida Perla is the second Hyperion-class cruise ship built for Aida Cruises. Like previous cruise liners from the Mitsubishi shipyards, this new generation is also a highly technological, full of innovations and a modern interpretation of on-board living environments and lifestyles.   Aida Perla is characterized by informality, flexibility, and range of service hours (for […] Read more

Color Fantasy: the Norwegian Cruise Ferry

At 15 years, the Color Fantasy perhaps is in the right age for a passenger ship. Together with her slightly younger sister vessel Color Magic, she is plying the 20 h overnight ferry route between Kiel and Oslo. By definition, she is a large car ferry, but the writing on her hull reads “Color Line […] Read more

Costa Smeralda: many new features for Costa Cruises

It is difficult to try to summarize a ship like the Costa Smeralda in just a few words. Not only because of the dimensions (337 meters in length, 42 meters wide and 19 decks), being one of the largest on the seas, but also for its numerous novelty features that Costa Cruises introduced with this […] Read more

Artania: Phoenix Reisen’s Grand Lady

Phoenix Reisen’s Artania is a ship that needs no introduction. She is not only the largest ship in the current Phoenix Reisen fleet and star of the German TV docu-soap Verrückt nach Meer (Crazy about the Sea), but has also gained fame ever since she entered service in 1984. Kai Ortel’s →→    Artania Review   Built for Princess Cruises as the largest […] Read more