Vista’s Maiden Call On New York

In a grand celebration last month, Oceania‘s groundbreaking ship, ‘Vista‘, made her maiden call on New York, leaving Travel professionals and VIP past passengers in awe. As the first of Oceania’s new Allura Class vessels, ‘Vista’ is not just a ship; she’s a floating masterpiece, spanning 791 feet and weighing over 67,000 tons, ready to […] Read more

CFC: Renaissance Makes Its Debut and Impresses

Compagnie Française de Croisières embarked on its journey last summer with its first fleet, Renaissance, showcasing a strong identity and a high-quality product. In a time when, despite the pandemic-induced slowdown, dozens of new ships are launched every year, there’s a new initiative in the cruise market that stands out. It involves reviving beautiful ships, […] Read more

On Crystal Symphony: the return of Crystal Cruises

The news of the return to service of the two vessels of Crystal Cruises had already excited us, knowing the beauty of Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, and their onboard services, which we expected would not undergo profound changes. After a remarkably quick refurbishment, the two ships have finally returned to service, offering a series […] Read more

Viva Two: Diverse Fun “On the River”

“Five Years of Viva Cruises” marks the anniversary that the Düsseldorf-based company celebrates this year. Launched in 2018, Viva Cruises is supported by the Swiss navigation company Scylla – formerly known as Scylla Tours, which is also celebrating a “big birthday” in 2023: the company was founded 50 years ago by the Dutch Reitsma family […] Read more

Stad Amsterdam: Aboard a Special Sailing Ship

The allure of sailing is timeless, transporting us back in memories while also presenting a novel experience within the current cruise landscape. Within the realm of sailing navigation in the cruise industry, Stad Amsterdam is undeniably a unique entity. We had the chance to explore it up close by stepping aboard and engaging with its […] Read more

Silver Nova: A Revolutionary Project

I have been following the Nova Class project for many months now, and I must say that Silversea Cruises and the Royal Caribbean Group had something truly revolutionary in mind from the very beginning. Nowadays, it’s quite challenging to talk about novelty in the world of cruise ships, as we are accustomed to seeing many […] Read more

Swan Hellenic: Let’s Discover SH Diana

SH Diana is the third unit in the Swan Hellenic fleet, inspired by the cultural expedition cruises that have rapidly expanded the fleet to offer increasingly diverse and comprehensive itineraries. The size is that of a medium-sized ship: just over 12 thousand tons, 125 meters long and with a capacity of up to 192 passengers. […] Read more

MSC World Europa: Innovation and Sustainability

MSC World Europa, MSC Cruises‘ first world-class ship, is the most technologically advanced ship in the fleet and the largest LNG-powered cruise ship in the world. Associating such a large, high-tech ship with sustainability may not seem easy at first glance, but in fact MSC World Europa is setting new standards in sustainability and accelerating […] Read more

Le Commandant Charcot: a luxury ice-breaker

This ship is unique. It can effortlessly break polar ice, is powered by LNG and has its own fully-equipped science lab onboard. Her guests meanwhile enjoy the highest level of luxury and sail on what can be regarded as the most spectacular cruise itineraries in the world. Named after Jean-Baptiste Charcot (1867 – 1936) who […] Read more

Aida Blu: Traveling on a ship that speaks German

Aida ships have been sailing the Mediterranean for years, so I decided to go on one to see what it means to take a cruise “Made in Germany”! Aida Cruises is part of the Costa Cruises group, but don’t be fooled by the Italian flag at the stern, as this company is dedicated exclusively to […] Read more