Cruise Lines Guide

New MSC Cruises Boarding Rules.

MSC Cruises‘ new embarkation rules go into effect as of October 1, 2022. For those embarking in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Red Sea, Caribbean and Antilles, there will no longer be a requirement for Covid19 vaccination, although it is strongly recommended. In addition, guests who are fully vaccinated (two doses of vaccine or one dose […] Read more

Variety Cruises: 7 day life enriching experiences at Sea

Cruising Journal’s exclusive interview with Filippos Venetopoulos, president and CEO of Variety Cruises, reveals details of a revamp of the company and the opening to a series of exclusive itineraries in the coming seasons. Imagine living a unique experience on board a yacht. Imagine the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, the bays of Greece or the […] Read more

Tips for booking the perfect cabin!

You’ re not quite sure on which cabin to book? Here is Cruising Journal‘s advice and information to help you make the perfect decision! Cruise ships are huge metal boxes whose space is compacted to the max. We cannot expect to find dimensions similar to those of a hotel room. In general, the prices of […] Read more

Life on a cruise ship: information and more!

What is life like on a cruise? Is it true that cruising is only for old people? Is cruising boring? How do you pay for your cruise? How many times have you heard or asked yourself these questions?! Cruising Journal is here to give you some insight into cruise life, habits, activities and more! First […] Read more

Ten tips to avoid gaining weight on a cruise

When going on holiday, we are always willing to eat a little more, commit excesses and eventually forget a little about the limitations imposed by our daily diet. Calories take a back seat. We always tell ourselves: whatever, we are on holiday! A ship is a great way to travel, relax, have fun and where […] Read more

From Oasis to Harmony: the Royal Caribbean evolution

Oasis of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas: we discover the evolution of Royal Caribbean‘s successful Oasis class. We accompanied Harmony of the Seas on her last sailing in the Mediterranean before her transfer to the United States. It’s worth remembering that this is the third ship in the Oasis class, the first to […] Read more

The White Fleets: from Sunward to AidaAura

The success which today’s large mega cruise ships enjoy is built upon the one generated by their smaller predecessors. Two operators in particular spring to mind when it comes to leaping from “small“ to “large“ and even “giant“ in terms of vessel size: Norwegian Cruise Line and Aida Cruises. And indeed their small ship pioneers […] Read more

Atlas Ocean Voyages: cruises starting in 2021

Atlas Ocean Voyages is a new cruise ship company in the luxury segment that will offer all-inclusive cruises with itineraries that are in high demand and two incredibly beautiful medium-small ships. Atlas Ocean Voyages will begin its operations in 2021, with an inevitable delay with respect to the expected launch date, offering exclusive itineraries from […] Read more

Oceania Cruises: the complete guide

What can you expect from a cruise with Oceania Cruises? One of the best culinary offerings on the sea, attentive service and a fleet full of elegance, of course. There is so much to discover on board the six units that make up the current Oceania Cruises fleet. The latest arrival for Oceania Cruises, the […] Read more

Silversea Cruises: the complete Guide

This pratical Cruising Journal guide allows you to learn about and prepare for your cruise with Silversea Cruises. Instructions, advice and information are included so you know exactly what to expect on board the Silversea with our “Cruise Guide”.   ON BOARD STYLE Luxury service doesn’t mean that these are stuffy cruises with particularly strict […] Read more