Cruise Lines Guide

From Crown Princess to Sun Princess

The evolution of naval technology and current trends in the cruise industry through the example of Princess Cruises‘ classes. A story that starts from afar and spans our days with upcoming deliveries and new projects. With the upcoming delivery of the new Sun Princess prototype of the “Sphere” class, the first dual-fuel cruise ship built […] Read more

Riverside Cruises: Interview with Jennifer Halboth

The river cruise company currently boasts two operational ships and a very rapid growth outlook. We asked Jennifer Halboth to explain what sets this company apart and to provide some insights into its expansion prospects. The river cruise sector in Europe boasts numerous companies operating on various rivers and itineraries, covering a large part of […] Read more

7 Reasons to Set Sail with Oceanwide Expeditions

Oceanwide Expeditions, which is preparing to celebrate thirty years of polar exploration, offers its guests journeys into the heart of nature, in some of the most remote areas on Earth.  In pursuit of the goal to make guests’ cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica truly unforgettable, let’s explore the compelling reasons to embark on a […] Read more

How to Plan for a Solo Vacation Like a Pro

Solo travel like going on a solo cruise can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Not only do you get to enjoy a vacation that is tailored to your exact needs and interests, but it can also be an empowering experience that helps boost your confidence and independence. But before you […] Read more

Secret Atlas: Micro Ship Cruises

Small is better. Very small is the best. And tiny is out of this world and good for the world. The micro cruise company, Secret Atlas, owns some of the smallest expedition ships in the polar regions. It has just launched MV Vikingfjord , one of the most environmentally friendly micro ships in the Arctic. […] Read more

Natalya Leahy: a new Leadership for Seabourn

Another important change at the helm of a prestigious luxury cruise brand has once again put a woman in the driver’s seat, and we are very excited about it. The appointment is very recent and we have already met the new President in Fort Lauderdale where she will have the opportunity to represent Seabourn on […] Read more

Expeditions with Quark Expeditions

Lars Wikander and Mike McDowell, co-founders of Quark Expeditions, led the first group of commercial travelers to the North Pole in 1991. This inaugural and groundbreaking expedition, the first tourist transit of the Northeast Passage, laid the foundation for Quark Expeditions to become a leader in polar exploration. Since then, the company has been in […] Read more

Thurgau Travel Introduces the New Mekong Discovery

Starting in October 2024, a new ship will ply the waters of the northern Mekong River between Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong Discovery will join the fleet of Thurgau Travel, one of the world’s leading river tour operators. 2024 season and already on sale online, as well as exclusive Advent 2023 short cruises on the […] Read more

Silversea Cruises: An All-Inclusive Cruise

Silversea Cruises, the leading ultra-luxury cruise line, offers door-to-door, all-inclusive cruises that allow guests to feel like they are on vacation as soon as they walk through the front door. In fact, the vacation begins immediately with Executive Private Transfer Service, discounted flights, hotel pre-cruise and transfers to the ship, and then once onboard, enjoy […] Read more

AmaWaterways: River Cruises Increasingly Sustainable

AmaWaterways, the award-winning river cruise line, shared details of its ongoing efforts to find new ways to improve the sustainability of river cruising while minimizing fuel consumption. As an industry leader in innovation, AmaWaterways is committed to finding new ways to reduce its environmental footprint, including using solar panels onboard its ships, testing navigation aids […] Read more