Cruise Lines Guide

An exceptional captain: interview with Miia Holma

We recently had the pleasure of sailing on board Hondius, one of the newest units in the Oceanwide Expeditions fleet, specializing in expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctica. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to sail with Miia Holma on that occasion, an exceptional captain who upholds the value of women in leadership […] Read more

Advancing Sustainability: Electrification of Ports

What is a shore power connection? Alexandros Lampoglou and Ilias Bougas from Ship Nerd News are getting you up to speed with the concept of Onshore Power Supply that reduces emissions and eliminates the noise levels at port. Onshore Power Supply (OPS), also commonly referred to as Shore Power, Shoreside Electricity (SSE), Alternative Maritime Power […] Read more

Explora Journeys: Offers for All Types of Travelers

Explora Journeys, the luxury travel brand launched by the Msc Group to redefine the concept of luxury cruises, presents its offers to meet the needs of every type of traveler. To accommodate those who prefer to plan their vacations well in advance, Explora Journeys offers the Explora Early Booking Benefit, designed to assist guests in […] Read more

Celebrating Queen Anne: Cunard’s ship for a new era

Cunard Line‘s former New York Headquarters provided a mesmerizing glimpse of its latest addition to its fleet of Queens. With its roots deeply embedded in New York City’s history, Cunard Line, founded by Canadian visionary Sir Samuel Cunard, played a pivotal role in connecting Europe and North America through transatlantic travel. The journey began in […] Read more

50 years of Phoenix Reisen, 50 yr of Welcome Home!

This is an important anniversary and one to be proud of: “50 years of Phoenix Reisen.” In 1973, student Johannes Zurnieden founded Phoenix Flugreisen GmbH in the then-West German capital, Bonn. Initially, the company had nothing to do with cruises. It wasn’t until 1988 that Phoenix Reisen entered the cruise market when Neckermann Reisen ended […] Read more

Emissions Reduction: The Life-Cycle Assessment

Reducing emissions and combating pollution are the most discussed topics in the shipping industry due to the ever-increasing need to protect the environment. Previous editions have showcased some of the possible solutions to do this, including alternative fuels (methanol, liquid natural gas, hydrogen) and nuclear solutions. However, the search for the alternative solution shall consider […] Read more

Transcend Cruises: Tailored Excellence

Realizing your ideal cruise, customizing every detail such as a ship, an itinerary, menus, and entertainment, might seem unattainable. What Transcend Cruises offers in the realm of river cruises is truly unique and opens up numerous charter possibilities. The company has designed the construction of two new ships specifically tailored to meet the needs of […] Read more

Janet Bava, new CCO of Windstar Cruises

There has recently been a significant addition to Windstar Cruises‘ team. Janet Bava assumed the role of Chief Commercial Officer during the summer, bringing her extensive experience to the table for the development and expansion of the marketing of a well-established brand with unique characteristics. We wanted to interview her to understand Windstar Cruises‘ future […] Read more

Exploris: Countdown Begins for Exploris One

With less than two months until the inaugural cruise scheduled for December 23, 2023, Exploris, the French expedition company based in Nantes founded in 2021 by Philippe Videau, is launching its countdown to make this launch an unforgettable event. The ship will first go to Chile for a renovation of the common areas to provide […] Read more

Four Seasons Unveils Initial Renderings of Luxury Yacht

Four Seasons has released the first renderings of the decks and interiors of the Four Seasons Yacht, a 14-deck luxury yacht set to launch by the end of 2025. The vessel is being built to offer “immersive luxury experiences,” stated Four Seasons President and CEO Alejandro Reynal. “The yacht is a manifestation of this vision […] Read more