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Waste management on cruise ships

Managing waste, including wastewater and food disposal, is a critical aspect of operating cruise ships sustainably and responsibly. Waste Disposal With thousands of passengers and crew members on board, cruise ships generate significant amounts of waste that must be properly handled to protect the marine environment and comply with regulations. From wastewater treatment to food […] Read more

Evolution of TUI Cruises: Interview with Wybcke Meier

During the Cruise Week organized by CLIA last March in Genoa, we had the pleasure of meeting Wybcke Meier, CEO of TUI Cruises, for an enjoyable conversation about the Mein Schiff brand and the company’s development prospects.  Wybcke Meier has been with the company for nearly a decade, making her the best person to explain […] Read more

The history of Norwegian Cruise Line

This is the story of a venture that has turned challenges into successes. Born from passion, it managed to distinguish itself in the industrial landscape and set new standards. It dared where others had never dared before and achieved great milestones. However, as often happens, this company also faced difficult times, risking to lose its […] Read more

Emerald: A Decade of Innovation and Excellence

Emerald Cruises celebrates a decade of travel and pioneering achievements this year, continuing to work tirelessly toward its mission: redefining river and yacht cruising for all travelers seeking a blend of luxury and discovery. Founded in 2013 as Emerald Waterways, Emerald Cruises is an award-winning travel operator specializing in luxury river and yacht cruises. The […] Read more

The C|Club 2024 Program Updates

The C|lub is Costa Cruises‘ loyalty program with 5 levels and simple rules that will allow Costa members to easily accumulate points and enjoy increasingly growing privileges. Dedicated promotions and special initiatives throughout the year to live unique experiences, making the cruise experience even more extraordinary. The main updates starting from May 2024 concern the […] Read more

NCL Holdings announces the expansion of its fleet

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings boldly looks to the future, enthusiastically announcing the expansion of its fleet and further development of its two private islands. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is currently a leading global cruise company operating Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, with a total of 32 ships and approximately 66,500 […] Read more

The Perfect Cruise Trip to Wow Your Better Half

Planning the perfect surprise for your partner often involves a mix of secrecy, excitement, and a touch of romance. A surprise cruise trip stands out as an extraordinary gesture, offering an unbeatable blend of adventure, relaxation, and quality time together. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to reignite the spark in your […] Read more

The Scots in Monfalcone, a Forgotten Story

The city of Monfalcone has been in the national and international headlines in recent months due to the presence of a crowded Bengali community crucial for the construction of large cruise ships by Fincantieri in the city’s shipyard in the Isontine region.  This phenomenon began around 2000, progressively altering the city’s social fabric. However, not […] Read more

Fresh water production on board cruise ships

The production of fresh water is a critical aspect of ensuring a comfortable and safe experience aboard cruise ships. With the vast expanse of the ocean surrounding them, cruise ships have ingeniously devised methods to transform seawater into potable water suitable for various uses onboard. Two primary techniques employed for this purpose are reverse osmosis […] Read more

Managing the Caribbean: Interview with Regis-Prosper

I met Dona Regis-Prosper several years ago before she took on the prestigious role of Secretary-General and CEO of the Caribbean Tourism Organization. She was already undertaking crucial responsibilities for the region’s development, not only from a purely tourism perspective but also in terms of sustainability and collaboration. I am particularly pleased to feature this […] Read more