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Oasis Of The Seas: a World around the World

Hey cruisers! Do you like hearing about upcoming cruises? Check out even more about it at Cruising Journal! Read the cruisers Reviews with Opinions, Photos and Video! Exploring one of the greatest cruise ships of 2020, Oasis Of The Seas, which will depart from New York and conquer the the Bahamas’ hot seas, CooCay, and more. […]

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Le Bougainville: luxury and intimacy

Le Bougainville, a Ponant ship inaugurated in 2019, gives the feeling of navigating aboard a luxury yacht, immersed in comfort and surrounded by exceptional service. Elegance and service are the key words of Le Bougainville, a ship in Ponant’s Explorer series, and named as well for a famous French navigator. Similar to its twins, Le […]

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What make Celebrity Edge so special?

The arrival in Europe of Celebrity Edge, after the Caribbean season, has brought attention to the novelties of this Celebrity Cruises ship, of which its twin, Celebrity Apex, is already under construction. Let’s take a look at how Celebrity Edge amazes us, step by step, with a tour of the Cruising Journal on board! It […]

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