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Latest reportages

Costa Fortuna: the ship of the ocean liners

Costa Fortuna was the first Destiny class ship to be built for Costa Cruises and entered service in November 2003. At the time, her size of more than 100,000 tons was undoubtedly part of the new category of sea giants. Today the size seems less impressive, but certainly this brings advantages for lovers of medium sized […]

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Msc Bellissima: elegance and avant-garde

It is not so much the sheer size of the Msc Bellissima that amazes us, because we are already used to these big ships, but how this enormity has been made to feel harmonious, elegant, and comfortable. The ship weighs more than 170 thousand tons, and can host more than 7000 people, between passengers and […]

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Aida Nova: a floating resort

Aida Nova is a Hyperion class ship built in 2018 by Meyer Werft for Aida Cruises. In the German shipyard the design of the twins Aida Prima and Aida Perla has been slightly modified and on board there are some different characteristics. Aida Nova is a large floating resort, full of attractions of all kinds, […]

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