Eastern Mediterranean

The cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean are among the most popular during the summer season, attracting European travelers as well as American and international travelers. Recently, there are also some winter itineraries, even if the Greek islands and the Adriatic Sea are at their best during the summer. The main ports for departure for cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean are: Venice, Bari and Piraeus, with some companies who favor Smirne, Limassol and La Valletta. The deep blue of the Aegean is certainly the biggest attraction during these itineraries. Guests come into contact with the culture and traditions of Greece on briefer cruises and can arrive all the way to Turkey, Israel and Egypt on longer cruises. The frequently used homeport of Venice is the ideal departure point for a trip to discover the art and nature of the Adriatic Sea, with ports of call in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro. The companies that offer itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean, during the summer season, are numerous and include all the major fleets of the world.

34 ships found for Eastern Mediterranean during the period April-June 2023