Swan Hellenic and Helsinki Shipyard: Vega3 arrives

On October 21, 2020 Swan Hellenic and Helsinki Shipyard announced the stipulation of a new contractual agreement for the order of a third cruise ship in the Vega class.

Larger than its twin ships and designed to navigate in the waters of all the continents, the Vega 3 weighs 12,000 tons and is 125 meters long. It will be a 5-star polar ship in the PC6 class. With the ability to host a total of 192 guests in 96 cabins and spacious suites, the majority of which will have large balconies, the ship will have a staff of 140 people – almost as many as the guests – to guarantee the highest level of personalized service.

Equipped with a 4.6 megawatt diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system with selective catalytic reduction, 3 megawatt battery and reinforced anti-ice hull, this new ship will be able to not only reach the most remote and inaccessible corners of the globe, but will do so in almost total silence thanks to the battery. By causing minimal disturbance to sensitive ecosystems and wildlife, Vega 3 will thus offer its guests the unique and engaging experience of “seeing what others don’t see”.

The procurement of the main equipment has already begun, and all three Vega vessels are being built at the Helsinki shipyard with accelerated schedules. The ambitious timing was shown to also be realistic when the Vega 1 keel laying ceremony took place on schedule in September of this year despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the ceremony it was announced that the Vega 1 would be baptized as the SH Minerva in honor of the first ship built for the company, which got its name from the Roman goddess of creativity and wisdom.

With the three Vega ships due to be delivered in November 2021, April 2022 and the end of 2022, Swan Hellenic is demonstrating a solid trust not only in the strength and resilience of the high-end cruise ship market but also in its own unique vision of cultural expedition cruises.

This new order is important for Helsinki Shipyard,” observed CEO Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, “as it demonstrates our customers’ confidence in our operations and is a strong indication of the long-term nature of our operations.

Andrea Zito, the Swan Hellenic CEO, confirmed: “We see an increase in the desire for experiences that are truly out-of-the-ordinary and we are confident of the rebound of our sector.

Swan Hellenic was relaunched in July 2020 to proudly continue the spirit of cultural expeditions that the company began in the 1950s. With British roots, the new company has a global vision of cultural cruises dedicated to giving guests the opportunity to “see what others don’t see.”
Two new PC5 5-star polar cruise ships, due to arrive in November 2021 and April 2022, will host 152 guests each in 76 cabins and spacious suites, the majority of which have large balconies.
Dedicated to guests with a passion for cultural adventure and exploration, the company’s itineraries have been meticulously planned and will explore rugged landscapes, fauna, local people and the unique cultures in the lesser explored areas of the world.

The two ships are characterized by elegant interiors in Scandi-design style, ample outside spaces and areas dedicated to expeditions. The crew includes an expedition team made up of expert guides, speakers and teachers. The 120 person crew is almost the same number of the guests onboard, demonstrating the high-level of attentive but relaxed service.

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Sara Zaccardo