Star Breeze is delivered after being “lengthened”

Star Breeze was returned to Windstar Cruises today at the Fincantieri shipyards in Palermo after undergoing the lengthening process, planned for all three Star Class ships.

The Star Plus Initiative has a value of 250 million dollars and involves the Star Breeze, the first of the three ships to undergo the intervention, as well as the Star Legend and the Star Pride. Fincantieri has specialized in this type of intervention, managed with the experience of the company’s Ship Repair & Conversion Division, to the point of becoming one of the major world reference points for operations of this kind.

The intervention to lengthen the ship was done in three phases. The first phase included the insertion of a new section of 25.6 meters in the center of the ship’s hull. The second phase saw the replacement of propulsion engines and diesel generators for a more ecological sailing. The third phase included internal refitting of large communal areas and part of the cabins.

Star Breeze has gone from a length of 134 meters and a weight of around 10,000 tons with capacity for 212 passengers to a new length of 160 meters, a weight of around 13,000 tons and a capacity to host 312 guests on board.

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Gabriele Bassi