Costa Cruises presents: “The holiday we miss”

Costa Cruises has started up again with a digital campaign called “The holiday we miss” which is aimed at remembering the best moments from life on board, inviting us to return to cruising and relive every cruiser’s dream of the sea.

The Holiday we miss uses English, the “international” language, because it will be launched in six European markets: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new campaign uses a past Costa Cruises slogan, from one of their most popular ads, which ironically recounts the difficulties encountered when returning to everyday life after getting a taste of the comforts of cruise ship living.

With the involvement of cruisers themselves, from the online to the blog communities, Costa collected materials featuring the best moments spent on board their ships, both on board and on excursions, from aperitifs to relaxation, from sunsets overlooking the sea to the incredible beauty of the places visited. The materials, of which over 6000 entries were received, were all directly created by cruise passengers. It is a unique way to remember, in this moment of a required break from traveling, how nice it is to discover a new destination every day, surrounded by the modern comforts and elegance of cruise ships.

“As a tourism brand we wanted our new advertising campaign, which also becomes a platform for communicating, to give a positive message about the restarting of the sector through a totally positive modality and that would directly involve our guests, who are a fundamental element of our company. It is a way to share the most beautiful emotions that we, as well as our guests, have experienced and that we can’t wait to experience again,” declared Francesco Muraglia, Vice President of Global Marketing for Costa Cruises.

Beyond videos launched on all the Costa channels (Social, Direct Marketing, Trade), there is a “holiday wall” featured on the website that creates a space for tons of user content that the company is still accepting. These new entries will be used to create new content that will alternate over time so it will always feature new contributions.

This new campaign from Costa Cruises is more than an advertisement, it is also an acknowledgement of its customers and represents the desire to travel and to return as soon as possible on board the ships of the fleet.

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Gabriele Bassi