Destination Menu: “Michelin star” menus on Costa

Destination Menus: special dishes created by Michelin star chef Bruno Barbieri to make dinners on board Costa Cruises truly stellar.

To travel is to discover and to get to know new cultures and above all… new tastes every day! In fact, to be immersed in a destination is to truly appreciate its food culture, tastes and most authentic flavors. On board Costa Cruises ships it is possible to have this incredible sensory experience to get to know the destinations you are visiting with designer stellar dishes by the great Chef Bruno Barbieri.

An unprecedented experience featuring refined tastes and high-quality food, guaranteed by one of the most popular chefs in the world! In fact, the cuisine is one of the most decisive elements when choosing a cruise, the role of the Food Experience is increasingly important and an element that Costa Cruises aims to enhance more and more.

Who would want to spend their vacation without experiencing great food? The collaboration between the Michelin starred chef and Costa Cruises began with the aim of wowing the palate of the guests on board, but also of making the onboard experience unique.

Thanks to the collaboration with Chef Barbieri, each evening a DESTINATION DISH is proposed. What is this intriguing novelty? Destination dishes are stellar dishes served each evening to showcase the traditions of the place that will be visited the next day of your cruise. The best thing is that there is a different dish each evening for dinner and they are already included in the package price so there is no additional supplement required.

To create these dishes, Chef Bruno Barbieri personally visited all the destination stops along the Costa cruise ship routes, he observed the characteristics of local agriculture, closely studied the raw materials and the excellent local products and then created delicious personalized regionally-inspired dishes.

During the trip to Civitavecchia, don’t miss out on the delicious “Saltimbocca alla Romana”, a meaty symbol of Roman cuisine. The same goes for Cagliari: you shouldn’t arrive to the port without tasting the delicious “Seafood Fregola”. Fregola is a typical Sardinian dish made up of spheres of wheat semolina. It is a delicious dish that has been made on the island for more than 1000 years and one that shouldn’t be missed!

Careful attention is given to each stellar dish and the aesthetics of the presentation. At the first glimpse your mouth will be watering- the dishes aren’t just beautiful to look at, but also excellent to taste!

The innovative cuisine on board Costa Cruises ships is in perfect harmony with all the comforts that await passengers on board the new flagship, the Costa Smeralda, where you can enjoy authentic Illy espresso coffee drinks and delicious sweets at the Nutella Bar, the only such bar onboard a cruise ship.

Chef Bruno Barbieri is ready to welcome you to his kitchen… are you ready to taste the delicacies he has created with his Destination Dishes?

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Giulia Pasetto from Kasba Viaggi