Swan Hellenic: SH Minerva quickly takes shape

The SH Minerva, the first ship build scheduled in the new Swan Hellenic fleet, continues to take shape and is even ahead of schedule.

In fact, the company has announced that the hull sections and deck modules have been completed ahead of schedule. The shipyard is now working on creating the cabins, the renderings of which are already visible, suggesting great elegance and lots of light.

The designer, Tillberg, has created an overall look in the Nordic style but with great modernity and extensive use of natural materials. It includes innovative solutions and spaces and of course five-star service for suites that are almost all equipped with their own balcony overlooking the sea.

The video of the construction time-lapse was also released in recent days, which presents a fascinating journey showing the construction of the SH Minerva in the dock from the very beginning as it takes shape.

The first ship built for Swan Hellenic will have 76 rooms, for a total capacity of 152 guests and lodging for 120 crew members. Esko Karvonen, the CEO of Helsinki Shipyard, confirmed that the build is moving along quickly and showed enthusiasm for the completion of Swan Hellenic’s order of three vessels.

Andrea Zito, the CEO of the famous brand, used the opportunity to welcome all future guests for the next Antarctic season, beginning in November 2021, saying, “Join us to see what others don’t see!” This has now become the motto for Swan Hellenic. To see a ship such as this be created from the very beginning certainly makes us want to depart for an adventure… and considering the unique itineraries to the remote corners of the world, beyond a simple cruise Swan Hellenic is offering a true experience. Really something not to be missed.

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Gabriele Bassi