Gaia Gaja will be the Silver Moon’s godmother

Gaia Gaja was chosen as the godmother of the Silver Moon, the new Silversea Cruises ship being built by Fincantieri in Ancona. As the godmother of the ship, Gaja will have the honor to officially name the Silver Moon during the ceremony planned in Trieste on August 5, 2020.


The fifth-generation wine producer represents perfectly the values with which Silversea Cruises says it also identifies: “for her solid knowledge of her business, her elegance and her constant commitment to the promotion of excellence”.  She represents a combination of a long tradition with continued renewal that is always looking toward the future. The Gaja company is furthermore a long time partner of the Silversea fleet. S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste), the new and pioneering concept by Silversea, will be launched at the same time as the ship on August 6, 2020.

“I am very proud and honored to have been chosen by Silversea Cruises as the godmother of the splendid Silver Moon”, says Gaia Gaja. “I am deeply convinced, and I say it with passion, that food and wine help in our sense of discovery – of places, of cultures, of people – and the S.A.L.T program with its innovative eno-gastronomic concept will make the connection even stronger between the guests and the destinations where they arrive to on the ship. My experience as a wine producer has taught me that culinary discovery has unlimited potential; it is up to the curious traveler to try to live it completely.”

It is a very interesting project indeed that will be launched next summer on the occasion of the delivery of the new ship to the owner:

Harmonizing with the traditions of the regions visited by the ship, the S.A.L.T program on board the Silver Moon will elevate the role of food and drinks: eno-gastronomy will be an added bonus to traveling deeply within a destination and showing the ecosystems that revolve around the world’s culinary cultures. At the S.A.L.T. Kitchen, S.A.L.T Lab and S.A.L.T. Bar, guests will have the possibility to become familiar with local ingredients and culinary customs before exploring on the ground, with the guidance of experts, and experiencing for themselves the relationship between food and drink in the local cultures. Beyond the foods and flavors, the new program by Silversea sets itself apart also because of the presence of international experts, like Gaia, that will use storytelling to create a significant connection between curious guests and the places, cultures and extraordinary communities of the world.

A vacation through history and eno-gastronomic culture is what will be offered by the Silver Moon. A combination of incredible elegance, unique itineraries and always new experiences even at the dinner table.

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Gabriele Bassi