Belize: the transformation of Port Coral

Construction has begun on a new docking facility for cruise ships near Belize City.

The construction manager for the Port Coral project is Inter-coastal Marine Incorporated Company, one of the leading marine construction companies in Central America and the Caribbean. The project includes two “finger piers” (two parallel quays) which can accommodate four cruise ships at the same time.

“Everyone is very interested and excited because there was a real need for more docking facilities in the Western Caribbean. So this was very necessary,” declared Mike Mc Fadden of MAC Maritime, an American company with headquarters in Florida which provides a full range of consulting services in the field of cruise ports and marinas around the world.

One year ago, the Belize businessman Feinstein broke ground on the Port Coral project worth 67 million dollars. Port Coral will offer a docking experience that is the only of its kind in the world. It will be a gateway to Belize, but like a resort in itself as well. With three beaches, a zip line, a tethered helium balloon, a pool area, bars, restaurants, retail shopping and beach and in-water cabanas. There will be a mile of beaches, including a family beach, a teen beach, and a crew beach. And of course a not-to-be-missed area dedicated to water sports. Belize was not known as a beach destination, but now with the evolution of Port Coral passengers will be able to enjoy long walks on the sand.

Port Coral is also a gateway to more areas on land and for adventurous excursions. Once you disembark there is the possibility of reaching North Drowned Caye Island, located just a little less than 2 miles to the west of the coral reef, with a smaller boat. Future plans include the construction of an elevated highway to reach North Drowned Caye so that passengers can arrive by cruise ship and travel directly by bus to land, eliminating the need for smaller boats.

The opening is aimed for May, 2021 and it is expected to increase the number of passengers visiting Belize City from 1 million per year to 1.8 million by 2023.

Other partners participating in the Port Coral project include: Schneider Engineering & Consulting  (coastal engineering and design); EDSA  and  Simeon Halstead Associates  (mountain area design); and Atlantic Bank Ltd. (leading financial manager).

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Meri Biagetti