Ramón Freixa for Msc: Hola Tapas Bar and Ocean Cay

Hola Tapas Bar by Ramón Freixa represents one of the many specialty culinary offers onboard some of the ships of the MSC Cruises fleet.

In collaboration with the famous Spanish chef Ramón Freixa, Msc Cruises offers its guests the opportunity to get to know and savor the true taste of Spanish tapas in the relaxed and engaging atmosphere of the on-board premises. The restaurant is currently available on the Msc Meraviglia, the Msc Grandiosa and the Msc Bellissima. On the Msc Seaview on the other hand, Freixa’s recipes can be savored at Ocean Cay by Ramón Freixa, dedicated to seafood cuisine.

Thanks to his gastronomic creations, Ramón Freixa has been awarded several times with worldwide accolades for best chef and for best restaurant, winning two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns and appearing as a guest in the 2016 final of the Spanish MasterChef program.

Freixa joined MSC Cruises‘ Top Chef Dining Program for the first time in 2018. Freixa’s creations follow a distinctive approach, which the chef describes as “based on three elements: ideation, technique and feeling, together with the search for a little magic.” Each dish is designed in such a way that it can tell a story in sequence that speaks of flavor, texture and color.

Overlooking the Promenade of the Meraviglia class ships, the HOLA Tapas Bar thematic restaurant is designed to offer guests a youthful and informal gourmet experience, with a selection of offerings inspired by some of the most famous Spanish recipes. In an open space, designed with a mix of common and individual seating, guests can savor a quick appetizer, a glass of Spanish wine, or enjoy a full dinner. Here you can decide to use, for example, the dinner included in the highest level of the Voyager’s Club or add the experience to a specialty restaurant package.

Some of the dishes on the menu include the authentic Spanish tortilla, the “Gilda” tapa with olives, anchovies and pepper and an excellent burger served with delicious fries. The mixed appetizer with serrano ham, olives and cheeses is also good. For dessert lovers, the famous Catalan cream cannot be missed. Mis en place, furnishings and decorations are in full Spanish style and convey the feeling of enjoying a good meal overlooking a rambla or a pleasant Madrid street. Bottled water and wines are also of Spanish origin, with a broad choice on the menu.

On the Msc Seaview the collaboration with Freixa has extended to a seafood specialty restaurant, Ocean Cay by Ramón Freixa. An elegant setting with fish and shellfish recipes made with fresh ingredients, including the “a la Gallega” scallop with Iberian ham, king crab fideuá, duck confit and sea bass with rosemary.

Any of the many culinary experiences on board the MSC Cruises fleet are certainly worth trying and will enrich the cruise experience with a dinner with friends or a tasting for couples. The premises also lend themselves to informal aperitifs, perhaps enjoying the “stroll” in the Gallery.

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Gabriele Bassi