Butcher’s Cut: the steakhouse on board Msc Cruises

The Butcher’s Cut is a specialty restaurant available on board some of the Msc Cruises ships with a great selection of excellent meat dishes and an American steakhouse atmosphere. It is available to guests for an extra fee.

At this time, the restaurant is present on the Fantasia class ships (Msc Fantasia, Msc Splendida, Msc Divina, Msc Preziosa), the Meraviglia class ships (Msc Meraviglia, Msc Bellissima, Msc Grandiosa) and the Seaside class ships (Msc Seaside and Msc Seaview).

Of course, Msc Cruises just had to have an American style steakhouse on board, with delicious meats of various cuts but also excellent cocktails and international appetizers. The atmosphere is cordial and informal with an attentive and impeccable service.

The refrigerated display cases show the guests the various cuts of meat. The walls of the restaurant are dark and the tables are set only with red tablecloths and are surrounded by brown or fake cowhide chairs. The waiters have brown aprons with the Butcher’s Cut logo on them. Part of the kitchen is partially on display for the guests to be able to watch the preparation of the chosen dishes.

The Butcher’s Cut is of course the ideal restaurant for steak lovers. There are vegetarian alternatives but certainly they aren’t the restaurant’s specialty. On the menu you’ll find appetizers like the classic Caesar salad, Rockefeller oysters, deviled eggs and caviar. But also burrata cheese from the Mediterranean region and seasonal salads. The cuts of meat include filet mignon, ribeye and dry-aged Tomahawk. Fish and chicken are also available, while some meats become Surf and Turk with the addition of seafood.

The desserts include “New York” cheesecake, apple cake and delicious cookies filled with chocolate with vanilla ice cream. The restaurant offers an ample wine and cocktails menu. Children 12 years or younger have their own menu with includes chicken and pasta dishes among other options.

The restaurant is also open for brunch during the days when the ship is at sea. Brunch dishes include things like omelets, pancakes with wild blueberries, toast with strawberries and smoothies.

The Butcher’s Cut menu has ala carte prices. There is also a fixed menu option that costs 39 USD/EURO per adult and 12 USD/EURO per child and includes a limited choice of appetizer, main dish, side dish and dessert. Those who purchase the package of more than one specialty restaurant can enjoy the fixed menu at the restaurant, it is also a valid choice for the free dinner offered for Msc Voyager Club Diamond members.

The Butcher’s Cut certainly adds a fantastic experience to any cruise, and beyond being great for meat lovers also has a cozy and charming atmosphere where you can enjoy a night out with your partner, family or friends.

The Meraviglia class also has tables facing onto the Galleria, making it possible to enjoy a very special and unique dinner with shows and people strolling along the promenade.

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Gabriele Bassi