Adventure River Cruises

  • Fleet 2
  • Oldest ships 2000
  • Newest ships 2011
  • Flag India
  • Language English
  • CurrencyINR
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An Indian river cruise company, Adventure River Cruises was established in 1998. That year saw the construction of the Sauver Nigam, which was awarded the “Most Environmentally Friendly River Cruise Ship” in 1999 and became a benchmark for many other river constructions. In 2000, RV Vaikundam was launched, the first 9 cabin river cruise ship on the Kerala coast. 2011 saw the addition of the MV Mahabaahu Cruise, which began cruises on the Brahmaputra River in Assan, India.
To date, the latter two are operational and are considered the most luxurious river cruise ships operating on India's two richest rivers, the Kerala and the Brahmaputra.

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