Vista’s Maiden Call On New York

In a grand celebration last month, Oceania‘s groundbreaking ship, ‘Vista‘, made her maiden call on New York, leaving Travel professionals and VIP past passengers in awe.

As the first of Oceania’s new Allura Class vessels, ‘Vista’ is not just a ship; she’s a floating masterpiece, spanning 791 feet and weighing over 67,000 tons, ready to host 1200 passengers in sheer comfort and style. And these lucky 1200 are served by an impressive crew of 800 members. With 2 crew members for every 3 guests, Oceania’s trademark service is virtually guaranteed.

As Oceania’s first Allura-class ship, “Vista” marks the beginning of a new era, soon to be joined by its almost-identical twin, “Allura”. First impressions: While Vista may seem substantial compared to its predecessors—Nautica, Insignia, Serena and Regatta—she actually carries fewer passengers than both Marina and Riviera—Oceania’s most recent additions to her fleet. Vista’s size is a testament to the spaciousness she offers. Much of this space is dedicated to a diverse range of accommodations. From the exquisite Concierge Level Veranda Staterooms on deck 9 to the unparalleled Owner’s Suite overlooking the stern, the ship offers a range of accommodations that redefine opulence. The ship’s design showcases Oceania’s commitment to residential-style luxury, evident in the grandeur of marble, cut glass, and plush carpeting.

Vista” Features the Most Spacious Standard Staterooms at Sea. Vista’s New York Guests were invited to overnight aboard ship to sample all that’s on offer without ever leaving New York’s Passenger Ship Terminal. Cruising Journal’s correspondent had the privilege of staying in a Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom on Deck 9. Remarkably, every single stateroom on “Vista” boasts a veranda, including those designed for solo travelers. The first impression is one of comfort and elegance, with meticulous attention to detail down to the throw pillows. From makeup mirrors to marble showers, fully stocked mini-fridges to flat-screen TVs with a wide range of entertainment options, “Vista” offers nothing short of perfection. Cabin tours were part of the schedule, allowing us to explore the various accommodations available. We were particularly fascinated by the Oceania Suites on Deck 12. They feature a “Guest Room” and Bath! The pinnacle of luxury is the Owner’s Suite on Deck 9, overlooking the stern, featuring expansive terraces and a mahogany-clad wardrobe that doubles as a jewel showcase.

The ship prides itself on what it calls “Residential-style luxury”. On “Vista,” your home is a testament to opulence, showcasing marble, cut glass, plush carpets, and supremely comfortable seating throughout. Oceania’s signature Grand Staircase, a common feature across all seven ships, greets guests as a floor-to-ceiling crystal pillar that leaves a lasting impression. Many areas on “Vista” are equally memorable, such as the magnificent Library. The Aquamar Spa+Vitality Center includes an outdoor therapy pool and 11 treatment rooms. For those seeking relaxation and sun, Deck 12 features The Pool, where sunbathers relaxed on a partly cloudy New York Sunday, with not one but two spa tubs. “VISTA” also offers enrichment programs, including an Art Studio for unleashing your inner Rembrandt, the LYNC Digital Center for enhancing computer, photo, and social media skills, and the spectacular Culinary Center…

The culinary masterpiece, however, is the 24-station Culinary Center. Offering hands-on cooking classes and immersive culinary experiences, it aligns perfectly with Oceania’s mission to explore the world “through a lens of food and cooking” wherever “Vista” sails. Furthermore, “Vista” extends its culinary adventures ashore with chef-led “Culinary Discover Tours.” Speaking of dining, “Vista” raises the bar with 11 onboard restaurants, each a culinary delight. Influenced by the ship’s Godmother, TV personality and Chef, Giada De Laurentiis and menus created by America’s favorite French Chef Jacques Pepin, every Vista voyage promises to be an exquisite gastronomic journey. From the delectable offerings at The Bakery at Baristas to the indulgent creations at Ember and the wellness-inspired dishes at Aquamar Kitchen, every meal is a celebration of taste and creativity. Special note was taken of the The Terrace Café. Compared to the “Cafeterias” aboard other ships, its exceptional food and stylish ambiance, exemplifies “Vista’s” luxury dining experience.

The main event on Sunday took place in the stunning Grand Dining Room, a chandeliered space that truly lives up to its name. The menu offered delights such as Caviar and Lobster, accompanied by excellent wines generously poured by the sommelier.

As night fell in New York, “Vista” treated her guests to a captivating show choreographed by none other than Britt Stewart, choreographer on “Dancing with the Stars.” “Headliners” featured onboard vocalists and dancers performing songs made famous by Cher, Celine Dion, the Bee Gees, and Adele. Britt Stewart orchestrated two more shows for “Vista”: “Into the Night” and “The Anchor Inn,” offering nightly musical experiences during every “Vista” voyage.

Time to Rest and Dream… The supreme comfort of our stateroom was a delightful retreat at the end of our memorable stay on “Vista.” It left us dreaming of future explorations aboard this remarkable new ship.

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Monte Mathews