Seadream 2: when small means beautiful

The Seadream 2 is a ship that, despite its many years of service, offers a type of cruise that is both modern and exclusive. Intimacy, luxury and comfort are the keywords of this large yacht. Together let’s discover the details.


The Seadream 2, along with its twin the Seadream 1, make up the fleet of Seadream Yacht Club – a company focused on boutique cruises that are incredibly intriguing and offer fabulous itineraries. After having entered into service in 1985, it changed owners and destination, until finally entering into this new fleet, which Seadream Yacht Club plans to quickly expand further.

The cruise concept aboard the Seadream 2 is very simple: all-inclusive, impeccable and refined service, fewer rooms so you feel at home, and a serene and informal atmosphere where you can relax and discover fascinating destinations.

Five passenger decks, two restaurants, one gym and small spa, one shop: nothing is missing even though the spaces are limited. The use of brass and wood give the Seadream 2 a pleasing marine style, but with modern touches and a design that ensure that the ship feels up-to-date.

Deck 2, the first open to passengers, features the Dining Salon, which is the main restaurant on board. It can be transformed into a conference room when needed. It offers a simple ambience, but with elegant fixtures and attentive and cordial service. At the stern there is the Marina, a platform that allows passengers to swim in the sea, embark on a tender or enjoy water sports.

Deck 3 represents that heart of activities on board. The main gangway leads directly to the Lido at the stern, where there is a beautiful and deep pool, a Jacuzzi and the Pool Bar. Here you can enjoy the sun, a poolside aperitif, and pleasing music after returning from an excursion.

From the Lido area you can access the Main Salon, the main lounge onboard the Seadream 2; it has a dance floor, sofas and chairs, and windows overlooking the sea and the attentive service of the Main Salon Bar. A small Card Room offers table games and has a window displaying all the nicest Boutique items. Going toward the center of the ship you will find another space dedicated to the Seadream Boutique on one side and the Concierge on the other.

Deck 4 offers, at the bow, a small wellness area. The Fitness Center, although small, has all the equipment necessary for a good gym. The Spa offers a Turkish bath and sauna, as well as a series of treatments and there is the Beauty Salon hairdresser. Towards the back of the ship, on the left, is the Piano Bar with some seating and an open-top piano. On the other side is a small Casino, with just one table. A bit further on is the beautiful Library, with a large number of books at your disposal, two computers, and conversation area with welcoming sofas.

Going up one deck you find yourself in front of The Topside Restaurant with a small buffet area and tables all around. It is a restaurant where you can breathe the sea air, whether it is morning, for a fantastic breakfast while coming into port, or for lunch, or in the evening under the stars.

Going up another deck you will reach The Top of the Yacht Bar, open all day long. It is one of the most frequented places on board, especially in the nice summer evenings, or during the afternoon. You can enjoy the solarium, The Crows Nest, in the bow, or relax on the wonderful sunbeds, the Balinese Dream Beds, placed around the funnel. Only on board a Seadream Yacht Club ship, if you ask, the personnel will prepare a bed with sheets, pillows and covers and you can sleep under the stars for the entire night!

So, this is the Seadream 2. A small vessel that is rich with hidden qualities, where the difference is not in variety and number of locals and restaurants but in the attention that will be dedicated to you and the quality you will experience while on board. It offers a cuisine with few rivals on the sea, from elegant and delicious dishes to small temptations that will surround you. To that you add the intimacy of a ship that has only around 100 passengers (with 95 crew members) and the possibility of accessing ports that would be impossible with other companies. The result is an unforgettable cruise whose style is so wonderful it will be hard to go back.

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Gabriele Bassi