Msc Seashore: all the news of the Msc’s flagship

MSC Seashore, the new flagship of MSC Cruises, interprets the evolution of the Seaside class but presents radical differences compared to the previous twins. With a tonnage of approximately 170,412 tons and a length of 339 meters, MSC Seashore, and its future twin MSC Seascape, are the largest ships ever built in Italy.

As many as 65 percent of the ship’s hotel areas were redesigned from scratch. The main changes include an increased length of 16 meters, a major transformation of the aft area and an expansion of the Yacht Club. But also, the relocation of the specialty restaurants to deck 8 with splendid views of the promenade and the return to a single buffet on the lido deck.

The common areas are concentrated on decks five to eight, as on the Seaside class, but with changes in the layout of the rooms and some inversions.

On the fifth deck are the Reception and the Seashore Bar, the hub of life on board, which always animate the atrium with music and guests’ strolls. Here the Image Gallery continues up to a beautiful staircase with glass decorations that connects to the bridge above.

Deck 6 opens with the Madison Theatre at the bow and is characterized by the pleasant Times Square area, decorated with LED panels reproducing the famous New York space, a series of stores and the nearby Venchi Chocolate Bar. The Shine Bar, overlooking the Atrium, is instead a stable reference point of the Seaside class, always elegant and welcoming.

Deck 7 still houses the theater at the bow, leaving ample space for the Msc Signature Casino, which retains its central ellipsoidal bar but then changes position compared to its sister ships. The most significant novelty is at the stern, with the enthralling Boulevard du Cabaret that ends at Le Cabaret Rouge, a beautiful venue on two decks dedicated to live shows and musical entertainment.

Well-being and physical fitness are the main theme of the entire forward section of deck 8, with ample space for the Msc Aurea Spa, full of treatments and relaxation areas, as well as the modern gym and the Barber Shop. In the central area, on the other hand, there is the Liberty Plaza, where a large reproduction of the Statue of Liberty stands out, to the sides of which are the Sports Bar, the Pool Room and the Brookling Café. Both places also have nice seats on the outside deck.

Deck 8 also impresses in the aft area. All the specialty restaurants have been relocated here, bringing them together in a lively, more visible area than in their previous location. In addition to the distinctive Ocean Cay, Butcher’s Cut and Kaito Teppanyaki, the Kaito Sushi Bar, with its traditional sliding belt and extensive menu of hot dishes, has also been added here.

The Infinity Pool, which closes off the aft deck after crossing the Uptown Lounge, is one of the highlights of Msc Seashore. Divided into two parts by a walkway, it features sun loungers submerged in the water and more space all around. One of the most beautiful places to experience the ship and the stern view.

On the highest decks, one notices first of all the return to a single buffet restaurant, already set up to be exclusively served and not self-service. The Marketplace occupies the rear half of deck 16, ending in the pool area and offering various lounges that lend a certain intimacy despite its considerable overall size.

The Sky Bar is one of the novelties obtained from the transformation of the stern, a sea view corner not to be missed at any time of day or evening. Always nice, then, to walk on the Bridge of Sights or move with the panoramic elevators.

The Yacht Club has also been extended on MSC Seashore. The main innovations are the greater external surface area dedicated to the solarium and the creation of Owner Suites, even larger and more luxurious than the traditional Royal Suites.

Dining is operated out of three main restaurants, as on other Seaside-class ships. All dedicated to New York environments, they are located on Decks 5 (Central Park Restaurant), 6 (Tribeca Restaurant) and 7 (5th Avenue Restaurant). The specialty restaurants, it was said, were effectively brought together on Deck 8. New to Msc Seashore are the Kaito Sushi Bar and the excellent Hola Tapas & Cantina, which has brought Mexican cuisine to replace Spanish cuisine on other ships.

Children and teenagers will find endless opportunities for fun on MSC Seashore. In addition to the MSC services dedicated to children (Junior Club, Mini Club, Baby Club Chicco, Teens Club), there is the Hall of Games, a large games room on deck 18, and the Pirates Cove Aquapark, a real water playground located on the outer decks in the middle of the ship.

Msc Seashore also presents innovations regarding exhaust gas purification and waste treatment systems, continuing the line of environmental protection desired by Msc Crociere.

But very important given the times we live in, MSC Seashore is the first ship built by Fincantieri to use a new air conditioning sanitation system (called “safe air”) that will greatly improve the quality and cleanliness of the air on board. Obviously, the development of such a system is very important in view of the fight against Covid-19.

From the Long Island Pool to the Infinity Pool, MSC Seashore offers particularly scenic spaces that will allow guests to experience moments of relaxation and contact with the sea. The new features of the Seaside EVO class certainly improve the services as well as adding new dining options and new environments to be experienced even inside.

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Gabriele Bassi