Let’s discover Msc Seascape, a jewel of Made In Italy!

The New York christening of MSC Seascape is approaching, so it’s time to discover this Made In Italy gem. Built by Fincantieri‘s Monfalcone shipyard, she is the largest cruise ship ever built in Italy on par with her sister MSC Seashore, which preceded her by a year.

These two ships make up the “Seaside-evo” class: so we are not talking about a simple repeat of the “Seaside” prototype, but a significant evolution with so many improvements over the first two ships in the series. By redesigning as many as 65 percent of the public areas, it was possible to improve the few weak points of two ships like MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview that were so successful among cruise passengers.

Obviously the first thing that strikes you about this ship is its size, in fact with 170,412 gross tons it ties the record of “Seashore,” ditto for the 339 meters “overall” length, a record as the longest ship in MSC‘s passenger fleet.

Designed to offer even more space for guests, the “Seaside-evo” ships are longer than the 16-meter prototype, have a larger Yacht Club, and with more cabins reach a maximum capacity of 5,877 passengers (with crew we are talking about as many as 7,280 embarkable persons).

At the same time, just like the “Seaside” class, the “Evo” are equipped with the most advanced environmental technologies, including: a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, an advanced active emission control system, which significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) to harmless nitrogen (N2) and water; exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) technology to meet the strictest exhaust regulations in port and operational areas; advanced waste management and recycling systems; advanced water treatment systems that go far beyond regulatory standards and meet the highest industry standards; and finally an advanced energy and heat recovery system. The ships will be ultra-hydrodynamic, and thanks to optimized hull lines, propellers and rudders, combined with the latest antifouling paint, wave resistance is further reduced and greater fuel efficiency is achieved. The latest generation of energy-saving devices is installed on board, and all areas are equipped with LED lighting. Recall also that the standard scrubbers have been doubled compared to the prototype.

In the hotel part, the major differences from “Seaside” are as follows: the main buffet moved to Deck 16, while in its place on Deck 8 are the specialty restaurants with a splendid view of the open-air promenade; the central swimming pool is located in an environment arranged on two decks; and finally, a splendid panoramic lounge occupying two levels has been created aft.

The value of this turnkey ship is about 1 billion euros, and its elegant design is dedicated to New York City like its sister ship. But are these two ships really the same? How can we tell them apart? The main difference is that on “Seascape” the “Robotron” has been added to the stern. The new attraction is a state-of-the-art robotic arm with an attached platform that accommodates three guests and flies them 53 meters above the ground, giving participants a unique view of the landscape as they are moved in different directions and flipped over for a 360-degree turn. Robotron offers an experience that guests can customize by choosing lights, colors, and music to accompany them on the ride. Sitting on the mixing board, guests stand behind the DJ booth, with rhythm and bass displayed in the form of colorful patterns, pulses of light and dancing characters on a giant screen as the robotic arm bounces and twists in time.

After the festivities in the Big Apple, the “Seascape” is looking forward to a busy inaugural season that will feature her on trips to the Eastern and Western Caribbean departing from Miami. This placement is scheduled until at least October 2024, so for those who would like to try her out, all that’s left to do is grab an intercontinental plane and set off on a dream trip to pristine beaches.

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