Carnival Splendor: not only…Fun

Built for the Carnival Cruise Line in 2008 by Fincantieri, Carnival Splendoris derived from the Concordia class, with only some minor modifications made. It can be classified as a big ship owing to its capacity for 3700 +passengers and a little more than 113 thousand tons of tonnage. It is, however, not as gigantic as some of novelties which have appeared in recent years.

Carnival Splendor is furnished in a modern style, similar to the other Costa Cruises units of that period. Its communal areas are located on decks 3, 4 and 5 inside and 9, 10, 11 and 12 outside. Let’s explore and visit all areas of this “Fun Ship” to discover everything it can offer passengers.


There are many different kinds of accommodation on board the Carnival Splendor. The cabins are located on decks 1 and 2 and from 6 to 12. In addition to the inside, with a window and balcony, is the larger Comfort suite.  In a more desirable location are Wellness, near the Cloud 9 Spa, Junior Suites and Suites.

Lobby, Services, Shops

The ship’s main atrium, The Splendor Lobby, is located on deck 3. It is the ideal meeting place for an evening aperitif or a chat on the comfortable sofas overlooking the sea. A large bar overlooks the Reception and the Excursion Office. Four panoramic lifts form the backdrop to the small stage where live music is played.

The Pixel Gallery is located on deck 4, in the balconies overlooking the Lobby. In addition to selling paper phographs taken during the cruise, it sells photographic items and other gadgets such as photo frames and albums.

On Deck 5 still overlooking the atrium loacted on both sides, you will find on the on board Fun Shops. Souvenirs, clothing, liquors on your left, jewellers and perfumeries on your right. Special Occasions is a sort of tiny Cherry on Top, and sells sweets, sparkling wines and…red roses!

Lounges, Bar, Casino

There are many places available to passengers on Carnival Splendor. At the bow, first of all the Spectacular Spectacular Lounge built on three levels. This a large and elegant on board theatre , where you can find variety and magic shows as well as various other kinds of shows.

On deck 4, between the Black Pearl Restaurant and the Pixels Gallery is the Alexandria library. It has very few books but many board games available to the public! Towards the stern is the Robusto Bar. This is a large lounge bar dedicated to Latin American music with leather sofas and an international atmosphere.

On deck 5 you can find the Our House Sports Bar which connects the casino with the shopping area. Its screens are always tuned to the most interesting games. Starting from the atrium, you will find many other places, starting with the Royal Flush Casino, which is large and equipped with a large number of tables and slots. It is served by the Ocean Bar, which has sofas and armchairs along the walkway on the right side of the ship, with a beautiful view of the sea. A little further on, continuing along the promenade on deck 5, you come across The Coffee Shop. It specialises in espresso, cappuccinos and milkshakes and is always very popular.

While on the left side of the promenade the armchairs with sea view continue, on the right side is the Club O2. This is aimed at teenagers. After the staircase leading to the bridge below is the Sushi at Sea. It is open all day for the speedy preparation of raw fish specialties. Further on is the Video Arcade, a large games room with all kinds of attractions for children and… adults.

Moving on you will find the Red Carpet disco which is furnished in various shades of red. It’s one of the places when you can stay up late in the evening, where all the nocturnal passengers avoiding bed congregate. The Mojito Bar opposite offers, in addition to the famous cocktail, martini and other speciality tastings, a cheerful and lively atmopshere. There are stools at the counter to perch on.

Finally, there are three more places in the stern. On the starboard ship the Grand Piano offers entertainment with a piano bar. The piano in the centre is really spectacular, with a circular shelf that simulates the piano keys where guests can sit and sing together with the pianist. On the left hand side is The Cool Lounge dedicated to karaoke – an activity loved on board and repeated almost daily. Finally, in the centre, is the large El Morocco lounge furnished in an oriental style with palm trees and small street lamps. It is always welcoming and offers various types of entertainment, including popular comedy shows.

Children and teenagers

Activities for children and teenagers are held in their respective clubs on Deck 10 and Deck 5. Their entertainment offering also includes buffet dinners and outdoor games. Aimed at children,  the Splash Park is aimed at the youngest ones. It connects the casino with the shopping area. It is a crossroads of showers and slides that really will entertain them. The Twister Waterslide will surprise teenagers owing to the daring slide coming from above.


On board you can really indulge in tasting various types of cuisine, many different rooms, and as many special experiences. There are two main restaurants, the Black Pearl Restaurant and the Gold Pearl Restaurant. The first is located in the middle of the ship on decks 3 and 4 and is a traditional two service dining experience. The Gold Pearl is located on the extreme stern and is reserved for all inclusive dinner guests. They are very similar in furnishing. Their only difference is , as you can guess, from the color of the pearls that decorate them.

The main alternative is the buffet restaurant The Lido, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overlooking the sea it is a very large, spread out and bright environment. The Mongolian Wok is one of its most popular corners with specialties cooked in front of you. The rest of the buffet offers themed menus changing daily. On the stern side of deck 10 is the Ol’ Fashioned BBQ, which is also very popular on board.

In the central Lido you will find the 24 hour Pirate pizzeria and the Off the Grill. Off the Grill is open also in the evening and has hot dogs, hamburgers and excellent fries. In the Lido Liner you will find the Tandoor, dedicated to oriental cuisine and particularly to Indian cuisine, and the Deli, where you can enjoy all kinds of excellent sandwiches all day long.

Finally, there are two additional paid for opportunities both of which should not be missed. The Pinnacle Grill, located on top deck 11, replaces the more famous Steakhouse, found on other ships in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet. It has excellent large portions of meat, but also fish and the inevitable Surf and Turf.

The experience reserved for Chef’s Table guests is unique. They are invited to taste small appetizers directly in the kitchens in full activity for the dinner service. They are provided with  explanations by the Chef regarding the organization of the on-board catering services They are provided with a high-class dinner in the room reserved for only 15 guests – the Pink Pearl – near the entrance to the Black Pearl Restaurant.

Swimming pools, wellness and sport

The guests of  Carnival Splendor have at their disposal three swimming pools and six Jacuzzis. In the Splendido Lido there is the central swimming pool, which is also a theatre for games, day time dance lessons and evening film screenings. On deck 10, above the Lido itself, there are two covered Jacuzzis, one on each side of the ship. The area is served by two similar bars. One of which specializes in popcorn, an ideal accompaniment for when the Lido becomes … a cinema! The top Lido Liner has another swimming pool and two other outdoor Jacuzzis, with a bar open in the evening. Finally, in the bow area, near the Twister Waterslide, there is another swimming pool, the Thunderball Pool, with two other whirlpools.

The on board gym Carnival Splendor is located at the bow, on deck 11. It is quite large and has all the latest equipment, including a separate aerobic/spinning room. It shares its  entrance with the Cloud 9 Spa which is divided into two levels. The large Jacuzzi, located on the bridge’s bow, is particularly beautiful. It can only be accessed by guests whose packages include the entire cruise.

On the outside decks, there is also a jogging course, a basketball court, located at the stern, and the nice Mini Golf, at the bow, decorated in a pirate theme.

Also at the bow, the Serenity is an adults only area to sunbathe and relax.  Music envelopes you, immersed in alcoves or on beds. A bar is available to guests.

Carnival Splendor is a type of ship very much in the style of the Carnival Cruise Line. Its  focus is on fun and entertainment in various guises. The on-ship activities are varied and the atmosphere permanently friendly and informal. Its organisation and number of rooms allow you to fully enjoy the space. The outdoor areas are especially large and accessible.

The fact that there are formal gastronomic evenings such as the Chef’s Table shows that this is not just a fun ship. It is also suitable for those guests who want to mix informality with a hint of elegance and sophistication.