Aida Prima, innovation and quality

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The numbers of the AidaPrima are those that we now identify with the larger cruise ships. Sixteen decks out of 18 are accessible to the passengers; 12 restaurants (a surface area of 5840 square meters dedicated to food services on board!), 18 bars and lounges, 3 large swimming pools and 4 smaller ones, 4 Jacuzzis, a waterpark with two waterslides, 10 elevators, a wellness area measuring 3100 square meters, and 8050 square meters of sundeck. There are also a number of attractions such as the Skywalk with two panoramic elevators that bring you 45 meters above the sea, and the Four Elements Activity Deck (a journey across the four elements of nature: water, air, earth, and fire…). There are 5 complimentary buffet-style restaurants on board, two restaurants which are also free of charge but require reservations, 4 restaurants where a fee is charged for dining, and a hot-dog kiosk.

AidaPrima is innovative and technological yet skillfully set in a very modern, cozy and bright environment. This new addition to Aida Cruises fits right into the new cruise-world tendency that aims at enhancing the dining experience and entertainment onboard: there is an ample choice of dining venues and attractions for both young and old.

The style on board is casual with no gala events or fixed schedules; the utmost freedom and flexibility is offered when using the services onboard (the Spa and gym close at midnight) including dining facilities (the buffet is open from 6am to midnight).  The furnishings are very modern but in whites and soft pastel colors that emit light and offer a pleasant minimalist design to the ship.

The first passenger accessible deck is Deck 3. There you will find the Bike Station (where you can rent mountain bikes and electric bikes) and the Dive Center (where you have access to equipment for swimming or diving).  The gangway is also found there in the passenger embarkation/disembarkation area as well as the Medical Center. The Pier 3 Bar is open all day and offers complimentary drinks, fruit cocktails, sandwiches, and pastries, as well as other products such as coffee for a fee.

The Reception Desk is on Deck 4 and is open 24-hours. The staff, which can communicate in both German and English, is also available to make dining reservations for the passengers and to deal with any issues regarding food allergies or restrictions. The deck also houses the Excursions Office and a self-serve laundromat complete with washers, dryers and irons. Deck 5 is dedicated entirely to passenger cabins.

The Lido on Deck 6 is the focal point of the activities on board the ship with its bright atmosphere complete with an outdoor walkway set up with tables in close proximity to the restaurants. At the bow end, you will find the eclectic Spray Bar, a modern two-level adult-only lounge bar managed in partnership with Moet & Chandon, completely furnished in white tones. The top floor of the bar gives you access to the bow and a vertiginous ocean view. You enter the lounge through the Nightfly Nightclub and it is possible to reserve tables in this absolutely particular and intriguing venue.

The D6 Disco, which is also located at the bow, is just the place to stay up late, listen to music and know you will always find others who keep late hours. This modern, if not “galactic” venue, is spacious with a large dance floor and plenty of seating only steps away from the dance floor or in secluded areas as well. The disco offers dance lessons during the afternoon whereas the evening program varies from theme events to exceptional shows and light displays.

The Nightfly Nightclub located forward-starboard is an adult-only venue. Tables can be reserved for the evening shows on the nightclub’s small stage, for example, Moulin Rouge-inspired shows or other European entertainment. It has its own bar and a piano player to entertain the guests when there are no live shows on.

The Tapas & Bar, located in the Aida Plaza, serves complimentary Spanish tapas afternoon and evening. You can choose freely from the menu that is strictly in Spanish and pay only the beverages ordered. There is a good selection of Spanish and International wines, and our guests can reserve a table and enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

The Scharfe Ecke also located in the Aida Plaza serves complimentary hamburgers, hot-dogs and other fast food specialties both afternoon and evening until 2am.

The Aida Plaza spans 2-decks and is one of the busiest areas and thoroughfares on the ship. On Deck 6, you’ll find live music with musicians on the “street” or stairway that brings you to Deck 7 and “a shopping promenade” that brings you to the center of the ship. Once you have passed the Jewelry and Watch Shops, you’ll find yourself at the Photoshop (the shop sells cameras and electronic equipment).

Continuing from bow to stern on Deck 6 you’ll reach the fully automated Casino. There is no croupier to handle your chips: roulette, poker and blackjack are all “self-service” through a computer. There is staff available to help you if necessary but the guests can only interact with the computer. At the Casino Bar, the guests can take card game lessons, play Bingo, play in Poker tournaments, or participate in other activities tied to the world of gambling.

The Theatrium, a 3-deck high grand theatre with access from all sides, is located at the center of the ship. It’s more like a capacious show-lounge with modern audio and video equipment and a central widescreen. A great variety of events are held there including live music, art auctions, conferences, food/wine tastings, assorted games.

The Deck 6 Lido is home to 3 of the 5 buffet-style restaurants on board the ship: starting from the bow and going towards the stern, we have the East Restaurant, the Bella Donna and the Markt Restaurant. There is also the Casa Nova Restaurant that serves Venetian specialties and which is complimentary but requires reservations.

Deck 7 is just as bustling with activity. At the bow, there’s the Body and Soul Sport Complex. Besides being equipped with plenty of modern exercise equipment, the staff offers up to 30 different types of fitness classes. Workshops and private classes are held in the Zen Lounge including Pilates, meditation, Zumba, Yoga, spinning, etc. The Sport Shop, a well-stocked sporting apparel and equipment store, is located just outside the Fitness Centre.

On the top floor of the Aida Plaza there is the Nail Salon (manicure and pedicure salon), a perfume shop (that sells cosmetics and bath products), and Travel Services (where you can book your next cruise). Another great store in Aida Plaza sells a vast assortment of products including clothing, Aida brand name souvenirs, toys, and stuffed animals (there’s an entire section dedicated to Lego). There is also a very charming shop (Blutenmeer), which sells both fresh and artificial flowers, plants, and house and garden furnishings.

The Café Mare, located at the Theatrium on Deck 7, serves pastries and a fine selection of coffee from around the world. The Hemingway Lounge is a small library that closes off the theatre on the left side of the ship. It has fun sofas where you can lay down and small alcoves inside the portholes, as well as board games, cards and DVDs for the guests to use. It is a cozy and relaxing space when there are no performances taking place on stage.

On the right, you’ll find the Kunstgalerie, an art gallery with fun paintings inspired by the Aida as well as more classical and valuable works of art. The artworks are by German as well as international artists. Some of the artworks will be sold at auction in the theatre more or less twice a week.

Continuing towards aft there are a number of dining venues. The Kochstudio is an authentic cooking school where different types of cooking classes are held and one can taste the dishes prepared by the passengers. The recipes are inspired and chosen according to the ship’s itinerary.

The French Kiss is a typical French brasserie open all day. In the morning, breakfast is served at the table, at lunch you can savor light dishes with French charcuterie and cheeses and freshly baked baguettes. In the evening, the complimentary dishes are more complex and obviously inspired by French cuisine.

Still heading towards the stern you’ll find the Brauhaus, a typical German beerhall with tables and benches and where you can enjoy traditional dishes such as spätzle, pork knuckle, wiener schnitzel etc. In the evening, there are live performances with folk singers, yodelers, etc. wearing traditional costumes. There are also tables outside creating a large patio next to the main hall.

Further ahead is the Weite Welt Restaurant, one of the ship’s buffet-style restaurants. Regional or national dishes are served each day. The furnishings are simple yet extremely pleasant with large screens that reproduce waves breaking on shore. The restaurant also has outdoor seating on the terrace port side of the ship.

The Lanai Bar is located at the far end of the stern. There is a smoking area with heaters on the counter if the temperature should drop, and a number of chairs and sofas facing aft and perfectly enjoyable at any time thanks to the transparent crystal panels that surround the bar. Enjoying an aperitif at sunset while watching the wake of the ship is perhaps one of the most satisfying moments of a cruise on the AidaPrima.

Deck 8 has excellent outdoor spaces with deckchairs for sunning, including some beautiful wicker ones, and extraordinary Jacuzzis (Infinity pools) overlooking the sea. There are also several designated smoking areas. The Body & Soul Organic Spa, which is located at the bow, covers a space of over 3 square miles. It is divided into a relaxation area, saunas, sundecks, tepidarium, Turkish baths, etc.

Starboard side houses a vast relaxation area with large indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, the Tepidarium, and a restoration spot where you can get tea or herbal teas and fresh fruit. On port side, you will have access to 4 different types of saunas (bio-sauna and Finnish sauna with heat temperatures that vary), Turkish baths, Jacuzzis and sundecks. There is also a vast area dedicated to personal treatments such as acupuncture, thalassotherapy, various types of massages. The relaxation area is quite beautiful with floor to ceiling windows that offer panoramic views on both sides of the ship.

If you walk across Deck 8 from the bow to the stern, you’ll find the Sunset Bar on port side of the ship, and on either side of the Theatrium overlooking the sea you can relax on comfortable sofas and singular armchairs in transparent spherical shells.

Continuing on port side you will first come across the Sushi Bar with its elevated tables next to the windows overlooking the sea, and then the Rossini Gourmet Restaurant. Both of these dining venues are for-fee restaurants offering an alternative to complimentary dining onboard. The Vinothek, located on the opposite starboard side, serves a vast selection of wine by-the-glass, and at the Buffalo Steakhouse with its indoor and outdoor seating, you can order either beef or bison American steaks.

Decks 9 to 12 are reserved entirely for cabins of various types and categories, whereas Deck 14 stands out for the vast assortment of activities and attractions that give it its name, that is, the Activity Deck. There is a Mini Club that offers a variety of free daily fun activities for young children, and for a fee, there is also a babysitting service for children aged 6 months and up.

The Mini Club is reserved for young passengers up to 3 years of age and it offers separate areas for play activities and changing facilities. The Kids Club is reserved for the older children and is divided into three age groups (3-6 years; 7-9 years; 10-11 years). The Club offers a number of activities including games, sports activities, treasure hunts, storytelling, films and cartoons, photography, dancing with the Aida-themed characters (the fun-loving Itzi, Dodo, Achwasachwas). The main attraction of the playroom is the large pirate’s ship. The Kids Club is also equipped with an outdoor pool, water fountains, slides, etc.

Deck 14 is home to the fifth complimentary buffet-style restaurant, the Fuego that gets its name from one of the four elements of the Four Elements Activity Deck. This only goes to show that good food is an essential part of the itinerary on board the ship! Due to its location, the Fuego is delightfully accessible to the children on board and therefore includes lower buffet counters that are more suitable for the little ones.

The Four Elements Activity Deck includes rock climbing (artificial wall of course), swimming pools and water games, a stage for live performances (that becomes a cinema in the evening); two fast slides that twist and turn in a ride that also crosses outside the ship (Aida Racer); and a walkway where you are suspended above the sea. A retractable glass roof covers the entire area. The Bar 4 Elements serves fresh fruit smoothies and delicious milkshakes!

There are other surprises in store for AidaPrima passengers on Deck 15 and the Beach Club is certainly the most spectacular of them all. Imagine being on a Caribbean beach with sand and palm trees, a bar made of wood and bamboo, a swimming pool, and your favorite cocktails… Add a stage for live music or other performances, two Jacuzzis, and comfy sunbeds that offer ocean views. You might even forget that you’re on a ship.

The Aida Beach Club promises relaxation in a comfortable and fun environment at any time of the day. From the upper level of this 2-deck area, on Deck 16, you have access to the outdoor sun decks. Whereas from the lower level, on Deck 15, you have access to the outdoor pool that is connected by a water passageway you can swim through to the indoor one. Two bars are there to serve you anything you desire and in the evening, the entire area turns into a Beach Party with a DJ or live music.

Leaving the Beach Club and heading towards the stern, you’ll find the sundecks, a giant chess game, Minigolf, and a lovely walkway on either side of the ship that bring you to the bocce courts, shuffleboard and backgammon games. The Pool Bar serves cold drinks, cocktails and coffee. Once you’ve reached the stern you will find the two Skywalks, on starboard and port side, where you can take short walks suspended 45 meters above the sea.

Deck 15 is also home to the Wave Club reserved for the young teenagers on board and divided into two age groups: the Orcas (12-13 years) and the Teens (14-17 years). It is equipped with videogame consoles, pinball machines, small billiards tables, etc. Having three distinct Clubs on board, each one further divided into age groups, solely reserved for children and teenagers ensures an incredible assortment of activities that focus on each age group.

The Patiodeck on Deck 16 is an exclusive area reserved for the adult guests staying in the Panorama cabins. It has two swimming pools and its own exclusive Bar. An authorized cabin card is needed to access this area, which offers an incredible view from the bow. At center ship there is a sports deck that organizes various activities according to a daily program.

Numerous Sundecks are located on Deck 17 whereas at Deck 18, at mid-ship, there is a small area complete with Jacuzzi and sunbeds reserved for naturist passengers.


The selection of cabins on the AidaPrima will certainly suit your every need. Just consider that there are 22 different categories available for a total of 1643 cabins (maximum capacity of the ship is 3400 passengers). There are 32 suites available (subdivided into 5 categories) that measure from 40 to 125 square meters each with a private sundeck, bedroom, livingroom, two bathrooms and other privileges.

The Panorama cabins are on the Patio Deck and they have direct access to the covered pool. There are 1101 cabins complete with a “veranda” (subdivided into 10 categories covering 69% of all the cabins) including the Lanai with its own Wintergarden and balcony furnished with a sofa, table and sunbed.

There are 198 cabins with windows (subdivided into 4 categories), and 312 interior (3 categories), almost all double-occupancy with twin beds that can be separated (only a few of the single beds cannot be joined to become a double bed). Standard amenities include a spacious bathroom with a roomy shower, a desk and armchair, large flat screen TV, fully adjustable air conditioning, a safe, and a telephone.

Lastly, 29 cabins of various categories are accessible for guests with mobility disabilities and they are located on Decks 5 and 6 near the elevators.

AidaPrima is quite the surprise for cruisers that want to experience a ship and a Cruise Line that are most definitely unconventional. Elegant and modern at the same time, extremely functional and practical, luminous, and at one with the sea. It is ideal for passengers of all ages, from young children to the elderly thanks to the incredible entertainment options available on board, or for those who desire it tranquility and restfulness.

The dining experience available on the ship is incredible and of the highest quality. Even the most demanding passengers or those with particular dietary needs or restrictions will not be disappointed. The latest addition to the Aida Cruises fleet, in spite of its size and the number of passengers on board, still allows its passengers to carve out a quiet intimate space for themselves given the vast dimensions of the common areas and the number of bars and lounges on board the ship.