Marella Cruises

  • Fleet 5
  • Oldest ships 1995
  • Newest ships 2023
  • Flag Bahamas, Malta
  • Language English
  • CurrencyGBP
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Heir of Thomson Cruises since 2018, Marella Cruises is a British cruiseline that currently operates in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. The Tui Group has many accommodation facilities and an overhead line that offers complete cruise packages with trips and overnight stays before or after boarding. The former Skysea Golden Era, renamed Marella Explorer 2, has joined the Marella Cruises’ fleet at the beginning of 2019 and offers renovated and modern rooms which are very popular with a predominantly British public. The on-board style is informal and is customer service focused while also offering catering possibilities outside of the traditional scheduled times. Since the summer of 2019, Marella Cruises has extended the all-inclusive formula to the whole fleet, which was previously offered on only the most recent units.

Cruise ships

Marella Discovery


Marella Discovery 2


Marella Explorer II


Marella Explorer


Marella Voyager