Msc Cruises presents the innovative Msc Seashore

The delivery date of the Msc Seashore, the new ship in the Msc Cruises Seaside EVO class, is quickly approaching and it is slated to enter into service beginning next August 2021.

Msc Seashore is a very innovative and technological ship built by Fincantieri in their Monfalcone shipyards and will be completed notwithstanding the difficulties created by the pandemic for cruise ship companies and shipyards worldwide.

What are the novelties of the Msc Seashore when compared to the previous ships in the same class? The future flagship was designed to bring passengers into contact with the sea as much as possible, thanks to the open, bright areas that are particularly suitable for warm climates.

The Yacht Club, the jewel in the crown of the services offered by the company, will be expanded to become the largest in the fleet. Spread over 4 decks, it will occupy more than 3000 sqm on the sea. In this exclusive area there will be 131 suites in five different categories, including the traditional Interior, Deluxe and Royal Suites, as well as 41 new Grand Deluxe Suites and two new Owner’s Suites which are 98 sqm each and feature a balcony on the sea with a hot tub.

Each new ship that we build represents for us more motivation to continue to innovate and pushes us beyond the limits of design, explains Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises. The MSC Seashore represents an evolution of the Seaside class, thanks to its larger size and enhanced areas. 65% of the common spaces have been reinvented with the objective of creating something truly unique for our guests and the new stern design allowed us to introduce a new lounge, the Cabaret Rouge, which covers two decks with a breathtaking view of the sea and offers new entertainment experiences.

Other novelties to reveal include the Chef’s Court, located on deck 8, which will offer a choice of bars and restaurants to the guests, with no less than 5 specialty restaurants. The Infinity Pool on the stern is beautiful, and even more beautiful is the large Magrodrome pool that is spread on two decks (Jungle Pool).

Innovations can also be found in both the technological and environmental protection aspects, a direction already pursued by MSC Cruises for some time and implemented on board the new MSC Seashore. We have already seen how, among other things, the ship will be the first in the world to have the new air sanitation system developed by Fincantieri and installed on a cruise ship called “Safe Air”.

These numbers published by the company can help us to comprehend the true size of the Msc Seashore which is an evolution of the Seaside project and the third unit of the series.

→13,000 sqm of outdoor space with a wide selection of outdoor bars and restaurants, pools and covered areas for relaxing or sunbathing.

→6 fantastic pools that are even bigger, including a spectacular new Infinity Pool and two new Infinity Whirlpools.

→A large outside promenade along the sea with a length of 540 meters, ideal for having a drink or dining outside or simply going for a walk and enjoying the panorama, which offers the sensation of being on a wharf.

→11 different types of cabins and suites with balconies, among them the completely unique suite on the stern, 50 suites with private terraces between 15 and 32 sqm with balconies that have private outdoor whirlpool tubs.

Although not new features, these attractions are certainly worth remembering: the spectacular Bridge of Sighs with the glass floor located on the stern at 22 meters above the Infinity Pool on deck 8, the panoramic lifts on the stern and the dizzying glass-floor walkways on both sides of the ship.

Msc Seashore will debut in the Western Mediterranean before being transferred to the United States to offer cruises from Miami to the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

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Gabriele Bassi