Fincantieri develops ventilation systems for Msc Cruises

Fincantieri has developed a new system of air purification for Msc Cruises to install on board their next-generation of ships. The Msc Seashore will have the first of these systems installed.

Fincantieri and Msc Cruises have long been synonymous with research and innovation in the navigation and cruising sectors, with constant attention paid to the needs of the environment, safety and health of the passengers. This last need has assumed an even more fundamental role in the last few months and the new system of ventilation, planned beginning with their next ship – the Msc Seashore – will surely bring benefits in this area.

The air purification system “Safe Air” was developed by Fincantieri’s designers and technicians along with the Virology Laboratory of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, ICGEB of Trieste. The innovative system will be based on UV-C lamp technology, meaning type C ultraviolet rays, applied in combination with the air conditioning system. So the air flow will be radiated at the source with a short wavelength light hitting the organic particles and thereby preventing the circulation of air pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and molds.

This feature will therefore supplement the already stringent protocol of safety measures laid out by the company this past August 16, which already includes the elimination of recirculated air. The Msc Seashore will be a high-tech ship, which will bring the cruise industry forward in terms of both efficiency and environmental protection.

The impact of the pandemic on the cruise industry has inevitably brought about changes and innovations in the shipbuilding sector and have been promptly addressed by companies of excellence such as Fincantieri and Msc Cruises itself.

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Gabriele Bassi