EmeraldACTIVE: Emerald Cruises tours

Starting in 2016, Emerald Cruises has been proposing to travelers the possibility to upgrade their vacation experience through the EmeraldACTIVE program, which it offers on all its cruises. This program includes a large selection of tours and excursions offered to cruisers at no additional charge. The excursions are on foot, by bike or in canoes for example, and these are just some of the many activities planned in the program.

In the last five years, the EmeraldACTIVE offers have notably increased, now including all river crossings in Europe and Asia and adding new activities like kayaking and canoeing. In 2019, Emerald Cruises announced that on all its European river cruises there would be an Activity Manager to guide all the activities both on board and on shore.

And now, with the launch planned in 2022 of the first Emerald Cruises luxury ocean super yacht, the Emerald Azzurra, the EmeraldACTIVE tours will be available on both river and now ocean cruises, with a total of more than 40 experiences.

There will be 31 exclusive tour options available to the guests on the European river crossings and 8 completely new tours for the cruises on board the Emerald Azzurra in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Red Sea. Furthermore, there will also be shore excursions planned for Mekong cruises in Southeast Asian.

So far, some of the most popular EmeraldACTIVE activities with guests are: guided hikes along the slopes of the vineyards of the Côtes du Rhône, one of the most popular wine appellations in France. Trekking through the mystical woods of the Black Forest or along the Rhine River. Those who love biking can enjoy a 23-mile bike tour through vineyards and picturesque towns in the Wachau Valley, a beautiful region of northern Austria known for its spectacular scenery. Or, guests can enjoy a shorter city tour in Arnhem, Holland, famous for its postcard streets and scenic parks.

When the Emerald Azzurra launches in 2022, guests can take part in EmeraldACTIVE excursions to truly marvelous places. For example, guests can take a guided tour through the Filippo Fort, a castle on the coast in Porto Ercole in the province of Grosseto, and along the Italian Riviera.

Emerald Cruises, part of the Scenic Group, offers a wide range of luxury river cruises on three continents. The Emerald Azzurra, the next flagship and first ocean-going vessel for the company, will debut in January 2022. It will be a luxury super yacht with a maximum guest capacity of 100 people and will navigate in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea.

Discover all the details and itineraries of the river cruises and the new flagship of the company, the Emerald Azzurra, on the official Emerald Cruises website.

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Emanuela Daniele