MSC Seascape: the future flagship of MSC Cruises

The second ship in the Seaside Evo class and the future flagship of MSC Cruises will be called the MSC Seascape, and is currently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyards in Monfalcone.

The choice of name, announced today on the occasion of the traditional “coin ceremony,” pays tribute to the beauty of the ocean and the incomparable sea view enjoyed by the ship’s guests, made possible by its innovative design and architectural features.

The godmothers of the ceremony were two historical employees of their respective companies, Monica Somma, Category Manager Retail of MSC Cruises and Jolette Vincenzi, Production Supervisor of Fincantieri who placed the two coins in the keel of the ship as a traditional gesture of blessing and good omen.

The blessing took place during a private ceremony with the participation of the MSC Cruises Executive Chairman, Pierfrancesco Vago, and the Fincantieri CEO, Giuseppe Bono, as well as members of the management of both companies and the project team working on the MSC Seascape.

 “The coins we place today mark a milestone in the construction of one of our ships and are an important symbol of the trust we have in the cruise industry. The MSC Seascape is the fifth ship we have built with Fincantieri, out of a total of eight ships ordered so far from the Italian shipyard for the entire cruise division of the MSC Group, four of which in the luxury segment launched in recent days with the new Explora Journeys brand, which have had a very important impact on the entire Italian economy,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises.

The MSC Seascape represents, just like its twin the MSC Seashore, an evolution of the innovation of the Seaside class. The Seaside Evo ships have been improved and include a variety of characteristics, spaces and new and engaging experiences created specifically for guests. The MSC Seascape was designed to get passengers even closer to the sea thanks to its innovative design and its 13,000 sqm of outside space. The ship has a gross tonnage of 169,400 and will enter service in November 2022 and be able to accommodate 5,877 guests.

 The environmental technology onboard the MSC Seascape:

The MSC Seascape’s environmental technologies include selective catalytic reduction systems on each of the ship’s four engines, designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 90% by converting the gas into harmless nitrogen and water and hybrid exhaust gas cleaning systems for remove 98% of sulfur oxide produced by the ship.

The ship will have advanced wastewater treatment systems with purification standards superior to most treatment plants on land, advanced waste management systems, US Coast Guard approved ballast water treatment systems, state-of-the-art systems technology for the prevention of oil discharges from machinery and further technologies for greater energy efficiency, including heat recovery systems and LED lighting. The ship will also be equipped with an underwater radiated noise management system to reduce potential effects on marine mammals.

Some details of the MSC Seascape:

Just like its sister ship the MSC Seashore, 65% of the MSC Seascape’s spaces have been reimagined to improve the guest experience and offer them different solutions to get even closer to the sea:

270 cabins of 12 different types and suites with balconies, including the coveted aft suites

11 dining options, 19 bars and lounges with the possibility of eating and drinking outdoors

6 swimming pools including the splendid pool on the stern with an incredible view of the ocean

The MSC Yacht Club will be the largest and most luxurious of the MSC Cruises fleet, with almost 3000 sqm of space and a breathtaking view of the ocean from the bow decks of the ship

An ample 540-meter waterfront promenade overlooking the water

A spectacular glass-floored Bridge of Sighs on deck 16 with a unique view of the ocean.

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Emanuela Daniele