American Cruise Lines ready to launch American Melody

On October 16, 2020 in Guilford (Connecticut) the company American Cruise Line announced that their next ship is almost ready to launch. It will be called the American Melody and it is the fourth ship of the company’s acclaimed series of modern river boats. Its delivery is set for next year on the Mississippi River.

American Cruise Lines offers sophisticated national cruise experiences in more than 30 states in the USA. Year after year the company continues to launch ships that “sail close to home” and in each of these “American cruises” the passengers learn about the history, spirit and culture of the United States. The company has 14 ships registered in the United States, each of which can accommodate less than 190 passengers.

The American Melody’s forward hull section was moved from a hull fabrication building to the launch ways earlier this week, where it will be joined to the aft section and launched into the Wicomico River.

In the photo, the hull slowly and almost silently glides towards its destination on the riverbank. The American Melody has a contemporary design aesthetic in a modern style, but American Cruise Line has not yet released details about the interiors of the new ship or the capacity.

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Sara Zaccardo