Nikolay Chernishevsky

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  • Shipyard RSW Rosslauer Schiffswerft GmbH
  • Year 1981
  • Length 125.00 m
  • Beam 16.70 m
  • Tons 5,892 gt
  • Decks 5
  • Cabins 118
  • Passengers 218
  • Crew 100
  • Crew/Pax ratio 1 : 2.18
  • Currency
  • Language English
  • Flag Russia

Built in Germany in 1981 and completely renovated in 2018, the Nikolay Chernishevsky is a four-deck ship named after a famous Russian democrat and philosopher. It is 125 metres long and 16.7 metres wide and can accommodate up to 218 passengers. All cabins offer wonderful views, in fact most rooms include large panoramic windows. The facilities include a private bathroom and air conditioning in each cabin, as well as a sauna, sun terrace and a great rooftop bar for socialising and enjoying yourself with other guests.
Evening entertainment on board the Nikolay Chernishevsky focuses on shows, classical music concerts in the evening and live music in the bars. In addition, guests can take part in Russian tea ceremonies and vodka tastings. The ship is equipped with modern navigation facilities and travels at a high speed of 26 km per hour (16.2 MpH).
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