Viking Heimdal

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  • Shipyard Neptun Werft GmbH
  • Year 2014
  • Length 135.00 m
  • Beam 29.00 m
  • Tons 5,000 gt
  • Decks 4
  • Cabins 95
  • Passengers 190
  • Crew 50
  • Crew/Pax ratio 1 : 3.80
  • Currency
  • Language English
  • Flag Switzerland

Viking Heimdal, with a length of 135 meters, has 4 decks, 95 cabins in which it accommodates 190 guests, and a crew of 50 people. Built in 2014, it features a restaurant, a library, a gift shop, the bar/lounge, the Aquavit Terrace, and a sun deck with a shaded seating area and a walking track.
Additionally, it features environmentally friendly hybrid engines that produce fewer vibrations for smoother navigation. The name derives from mythology; tall and handsome, Heimdal is known for his purity of heart and mind. Heimdal is the ever-vigilant guardian of the gods. Heimdal is blessed with extraordinary sight and hearing.
Giorgia Lombardo

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