Tui Cruises

  • Fleet 6
  • Oldest ships 2014
  • Newest ships 2019
  • Flag Malta
  • Language German
  • CurrencyEUR
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The Partnership of Tui AG and Royal Caribbean gave rise to the Tui brand Cruises that started its business in 2009. Within 10 years the fleet of " Mein Schiff "has become synonymous with an extraordinary, all-inclusive quality of on-board services and great innovation. In a very short time, the number of ships has increased and more continue to be built in order to meet current demand. Tui Cruises’ ships are dedicated to the well-being of all passengers, offering maximum comfort, open schedules, numerous physical activities on board and on the ground in a completely informal manner. The new Mein Schiff have the largest swimming pools ever built on cruise ships, fully equipped spas and numerous catering and entertainment options. The growth of the fleet is increasing the number of newly proposed routes that now include the whole of Europe with the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America, as well as exclusive trips between Canada and New England.

Cruise ships

Mein Schiff 1


Mein Schiff 6


Mein Schiff 5


Mein Schiff 4


Mein Schiff 3


Mein Schiff 2


Mein Schiff Relax

under construction

N/A 2026

under construction

Mein Schiff 7

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