Tradewinds Voyages

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  • Flag Croatia
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Launching in the summer of 2021, Tradewind Voyages is a British cruise line that was born out of a marriage of passion for the ocean and hospitality. The team, both on board and ashore, work under the same values, acting as one team to ensure guests' journeys are well organized and enjoyable, offering the highest standards of dining, accommodation and entertainment. Onboard dining offers something for every taste and preference, including healthy eating, sustainability and wellness.
Many of Tradewind Voyages' itineraries conducted on the Golden Horizon sailing ship are planned to utilize major events and currents to experience a nature-fueled luxury cruise. Guests have the freedom to explore the ports of call or stay aboard and use the ship as a wellness destination, taking advantage of the luxurious facilities and activities offered. The logo sets the stage for a journey that allows people to explore the horizon and experience the world and the sea in all its forms. It depicts the sun peeking over the horizon, evoking a sense of discovery and tranquility.

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Golden Horizon