Sanctuary Retreats

  • Fleet 5
  • Oldest ships 1990
  • Newest ships 2014
  • Flag Egypt
  • Language English
  • Currency
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Born as a company specializing in luxurious adventure travel in continental Africa, in recent times, Sanctuary Retreats has added six spectacular river cruise ships to its offerings, giving rise to the Sanctuary River Cruises brand. These cruises explore some of the world's cultural and stunning sites by navigating the waters of the Nile River in Egypt, the Yangtze River in China, and the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar.
Sanctuary Cruises' ships ensure that guests stay in luxurious boutique floating hotels with a limited number of travelers, creating a private and yacht-like atmosphere. Secluded docks and carefully planned itineraries for each destination will provide the utmost in cruising. Onboard, the staff takes care of any passenger requests, while on land, a completely new world awaits exploration.
Since the opening of the first camp in the Masai Mara in Kenya in 1999, the commitment to conservation and responsible tourism has been an integral part of daily operations. By working closely with local communities, lasting relationships are established, addressing their needs and improving their well-being.

Cruise ships



Nile Adventurer


Sun Boat IV


Sun Boat III


Zein Nile Chateau