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  • Shipyard Barreras
  • Year 2021
  • Length 180.00 m
  • Beam 25.00 m
  • Tons 26,500 gt
  • Decks 10
  • Cabins 149
  • Passengers 298
  • Crew 246
  • Crew/Pax ratio 1 : 1.21
  • Currency USD
  • Language English
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Evrima, the first ship in the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection fleet, will be in line with the style and luxury offered by the hotel chain and will add the thrill of sailing exceptional routes to exclusive locations around the world. There is style and elegance but also great comfort and exceptional service on board, with the warmth of the common areas and an extraordinary passenger / crew ratio, of approximately 1 to 1.
All suites are luxury and equipped with Wi-Fi, 24 hour room service, a coffee machine, and prestigious toiletries. The beds and linen were created specifically for the company, for exceptional and one-of-a-kind service. Five restaurants, live music, and health and wellness programs are just some of the aspects and offers of the on board entertainment and conviviality.
Gabriele Bassi

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