What make Celebrity Edge so special?

The arrival in Europe of Celebrity Edge, after the Caribbean season, has brought attention to the novelties of this Celebrity Cruises ship, of which its twin, Celebrity Apex, is already under construction.
Let’s take a look at how Celebrity Edge amazes us, step by step, with a tour of the Cruising Journal on board!


It is slightly more than 130 thousand tons and can carry almost 3000 passengers. These numbers are no longer surprising; on the contrary, today they correspond to large but not huge ships. There are 14 Celebrity Edge decks dedicated to guests, 7 of which are dedicated to common spaces. What immediately strikes you when you walk on the ship is the difference between the rooms, which are furnished in different styles, but at the same time all have a single common thread: a modern, lively elegance, often combined with the brightness of the spaces; the common internal spaces are located between decks 2 and 5, while there are other activities and beautiful areas outside decks 14 to 16…

Celebrity Edge already impresses with its gangway: no narrow corridor to cross, but a large space decorated with LED screens that offer previews of the seaports you are about to visit. The size is also due to the predisposition of the Magic Carpet station, a mobile platform outside the ship, also used for tender operations.

Deck 3, in addition to housing cabins, is the heart of the ship: here the Golden Plaza opens its doors, the centre of the walkway, good appetizers, live music. The Martini Bar, with its spectacular glittering roof, is the point of reference, around which the grandest decks are built. Passing through the Grand Plaza Café you can arrive at the Guest Services and the Excursion Office.

On the first level of the Grand Plaza, on deck 4, you will find the Caffè al Bacio, a must-have on the Celebrity Cruises fleet, and one of the speciality restaurants, Le Grand Bistro. Continuing towards the stern, you will find the Casino, with its own bar and a gallery of shops, the Celebrity Shops. On deck 5, at the Grand Plaza, feel fry to try out two more speciality restaurants, the Fine Cut Steakhouse, for meat lovers, and the Row on 5 located on the starboard side.

Deck 5 houses the wonderful Eden, a space furnished with plants and beautiful windows overlooking the sea, in a very simple style which is also innovative and welcoming as well. Eden Bar, Eden Café, Eden Restaurant: whatever the time of day, you will always find reason to linger at the beautiful tables overlooking the sea, or immerse yourself in the armchairs surrounded by greenery waiting for the next stopover, so the entrance that leads to the same Eden will amaze you: a small dark labyrinth made of tree trunks and mirrors …

Towards the bow, still on the lively deck 5, crossing a pleasant Art Gallery, you will arrive at The Club and the Oculus Theatre. The first is a very large and elegant environment with two levels. Calling it a ‘disco’ would certainly be reductive though this is where you can dance until late at night whenever you want. If you agree, we can also film you on our cameras and send the video directly to your mobile phone! The Celebrity Edge Theatre is one of the elements that make the ship innovative and modern: not a traditional stage but a semi-central track between the spectators, with LED screens and a sound system that envelops the audience all around.

Let’s go up to the Lido deck, the 14th, to discover other peculiarities of Celebrity Edge. The swimming pool, one of the largest on board of cruise ships, has an irregular and slender shape. Two Jacuzzis in the shape of huge glasses of champagne lean on the Lido and rise up to the upper deck. At the Mast Grill you can enjoy a snack while you sunbathe and enjoy the day by the pool. At the Pool Bar you can also have drinks and cocktails, especially at aperitif hours when the Lido takes on a magical atmosphere.

Towards the bow is the beautiful indoor swimming pool, with its own bar and relaxation area. Further on, you will find the Spa, which is also bright and has a long list of services. The aft side of the deck opens with the buffet restaurant and Oceanview Café which is also innovative for its unusual height of the deck, with huge windows that give light and a feeling of spaciousness.

The bow of deck 15 houses the large gym, equipped with the latest generation of equipment. Towards the aft there is another spectacular element that has been introduced with the Celebrity Edge: the Rooftop Garden. Perhaps inspired by Royal Caribbean’s Central Park, but completely outdoors, it offers moments of total relaxation immersed in a well-kept garden. The Rooftop Garden Grill offers outdoor tables and sea views, while the Sunset Bar, aft, is the ideal place for an aperitif at sunset. Decks 15 and 16 house the reserved area called The Retreat, with lounge and outdoor solarium. A small enclave of luxury and relaxation in an already beautiful and very welcoming ship.

We mentioned many specialty restaurants, distributed on the various decks. Among the main ones, guests of the Celebrity Edge can rotate between 4 different restaurants, all very elegant and well-kept, with furniture inspired by their names. On deck 3 you will find the Normandie Restaurant and the Tuscan Restaurant, while just above, on deck 4, you will find the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and the Cyprus Restaurant.

Multiple categories of cabins provide the best accommodation for all tastes and budgets. The furnishings are also modern, with light tones, conveying relaxation and comfort. The Sky Suites will certainly add value to your Celebrity Edge cruise experience if you want to treat yourself to a little luxury!

Finally, the famous Magic Carpet, which has become the symbol of the Celebrity Edge, cannot be overlooked. Well highlighted by its orange colour, this large outdoor platform can be moved from the Lido area, in front of the beautiful Edge Cabanas, to deck 5 and even deck 2, offering a valid support to landings in tenders. Having a drink on a beautiful day of sailing, while overlooking the sea on the 14th deck is an experience not to be missed if you are sailing on the Edge!

Celebrity Edge will surprise you with the spaces offered to its guests, alongside their vivacity and comfort. Lounges for every taste and for every moment of the day are available to the most diverse cruise passengers, who share an elegant and modern style. Some extraordinary novelties, from the Jacuzzi suspended on the Lido to the Magic Carpet, from the futuristic Oculus Theatre to the enchanted atmosphere of Eden make Celebrity Edge one of the most innovative and interesting ships.

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Gabriele Bassi