Waves, wind, sails: we get on board of Star Flyer

Bigger isn’t always better. Luxury and modernism are a new aspect of sea navigation, but they often neglect the true sense of sailing and take us away from the sea, the wind, the thrill of the waves. Yet, opportunities that give us all of this still exist; one of these is definitely Star Flyer.

Sailing ship from 1991, that of Star Clippers is a unit with 4 masts and 16 sails. It can accommodate up to 160 passengers, served by 74 crew members. Only 2298 tons, but enough to contain everything necessary for a great sailing adventure, among the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Star Flyer has 4 passenger decks. The lowest, the Commodore Deck, only has cabins, from categories 3 to 6, both internal and external with portholes.

In the upper deck, the Clipper Deck, aside from other cabins, Owner’s Cabin and categories from 2 to 5, you can find the onboard restaurant, Dining Room, also used as a Conference Room. Full marine style, both furniture wise and in the mise en place, with particular focus to some details of the porcelain and fresh flowers on the tables. Meals are served as a buffet for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, while for dinner the dishes are chosen à la carte and served at the table.

Entering the cabins’ corridors, still on the Clipper Deck, you will find the onboard shop, Sloop Shop, with elegant items of clothing from the Star Clippers line, and the customer service, Purser’s Office.

The Main Deck houses the bridge at the bow, accessible from the upper deck, always open to the public to enjoy the equipment and maneuvers of the ship. Just a bit back, still on the bow, you have the beautiful cabins with direct access to the bridge. Wide and elegant, they are category 1, among the best after the inimitable Owner’s Suite.

At the center of the ship is the Piano Bar, a meeting spot for every hour of the day, and an unmissable evening meeting. The number of passengers and the size of the ship make it easy to socialize and immediately feel at home in the company of other guests. The very elegant restaurant, with paintings of sailing ships and views of the sea, is served by the Tropical Bar which has all sorts of drinks and cocktails. A self-service machine for tea is always available to the public.

The Tropical Bar also serves the outdoor area, the real hub of the Star Flyer entertainment activities. Here you can dance, sing and watch the ship glide over the water. Bookworms can instead immerse themselves in the beautiful Library, with volumes in different languages ​​and fascinating red couches. This is the place to hang out with the officers, always available to explain the maneuvers to the passengers and the magic of sailing.

Finally, we climb up to discover the Sun Deck. At the stern there is a swimming pool, surrounded by Solarium areas with a spectacular view on the wake of the ship. Two category 1 cabins overlook the pool area, with direct access to the bridge. Moving towards the center of the ship there is a smaller pool and a series of sunbeds leading up to the bridge, towards the bow. You can also access up to one of the most striking places on the ship, the bowsprit, over which you can even lie down to see the waves flowing underneath.

Star Flyer offers an exclusive cruise experience, out of modern schemes but still able to offer a series of increasingly rare values. You can entertain yourself with the officers talking about the next port of call or climb the mast. You can help melt the sails while Star Flyer starts sailing, with the sunset surrounding the ship, or you can read your book in the absolute silence of navigation, surrounded only by the breeze and the hull rustle on the waves. Something not common nowadays on large ships but that it is still possible to experience.

Exclusive destinations that many ships cannot reach, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean to the Far East, are the icing on the cake that truly invites you to experience the magic of sailing. Star Flyer is one of the Star Clippers fleet sailing ships that still allows you to live all of this.