Silver Nova: A Revolutionary Project

I have been following the Nova Class project for many months now, and I must say that Silversea Cruises and the Royal Caribbean Group had something truly revolutionary in mind from the very beginning. Nowadays, it’s quite challenging to talk about novelty in the world of cruise ships, as we are accustomed to seeing many small innovations on each newly launched ship. Whether it’s onboard services or interior spaces, every new ship can be defined as somehow rich in updates and evolutions.

However, Silver Nova presents a concept and realization that go beyond all of this. Anyone familiar with cruise ships knows well how the concept of symmetry is associated with order, beauty, and modernity. Yet, this is one of the first elements to be abandoned aboard Silver Nova, conveying an intentional and delightful sense of disorientation.

Everything onboard the new Silversea Cruises unit is located where we least expect it, without the “corresponding” element on the opposite side, without repetitions, without rules. If harmony had so far been conceived as the satisfaction of the eye in finding everything perfectly in its place, Silver Nova wanted to create a complete rupture of this concept, proposing environments that are completely and profoundly unconventional.

The result is fascinating and surprising. Because in the end, all this asymmetry leads to its own logic and the complementarity of the environments, it only takes some time to get used to, once the first hours on board have passed. From an architectural point of view, Silver Nova represents a novelty even in the distribution of interior spaces compared to other ships in the fleet. Lounges, bars, and restaurants are horizontally located on the decks. Thus, the tendency to position them mostly aft and move the suites to the mid-bow of the ship is lost. This also allows for the availability of splendid aft suites, unique within the Silversea Cruises fleet.

Starting right from the suites, Silver Nova offers a range of categories superior to all other ships in the fleet. There are 13 types of accommodations on board, starting from a base level that is already a splendid, bright, and spacious suite with every comfort (Classic, Superior, Deluxe, and Premium Veranda), ranging up to the Medallion and Premium Medallion suites of 527,43 square feet. True apartments where you can enjoy the utmost comfort and privacy are the higher-level suites that offer from 968.75 to 1291.67 square feet (including the veranda), located on various decks both forward and aft (Junior Grand, Silver, Signature, Master, Grand, Owner’s, Otium). In the variety of spaces and locations on board, they all offer a high standard of services, including the presence of a butler and complimentary 24-hour room service, ready to always supply you with your favorite wine or spirits.

Nine dining options represent the largest choice available in the luxury sector and in relation to the number of guests Silver Nova can accommodate on board (728, served by a crew of 544). The philosophy of the offering reflects Silversea’s great classics but also introduces important innovations. The Atlantide Restaurant and the Salt Kitchen, like on the other ships in the fleet, represent the two main restaurants on board. The first is open for all meals, with a varied and international menu. The second is only open in the evening and serves wines and traditional dishes from the places visited during the itinerary. 


On Deck 4, you will find the Kaiseki, offering a choice of oriental specialties, La Dame, dedicated to French cuisine and wines, in a much larger venue than usual, and La Terrazza, which serves as the buffet and has a lovely outdoor area overlooking the stern. All the venues have been deeply reimagined, spacious, comfortable, and open to the sea, always providing views of the outside.

The Silver Note is also a must, combining good entertainment music with truly unique and daring dishes. On Deck 10, there are two novelties. The S.A.L.T. Lab, located forward, transforms in the evening into the Chef’s Table, a unique gastronomic experience with gourmet tastings prepared and explained by the onboard chefs. In the mid-ship area, Le Marquee brings together The Grill and Spaccanapoli in a splendidly decorated setting with trees, offering excellent choices from both the pizzeria and the Grill with a unified menu. Here, you can enjoy all meals in a relaxing atmosphere on the lido deck.

The concept of S.A.L.T., developed in collaboration with Adam Sachs for years, is somewhat the guiding thread for all onboard dining, rewarding the gastronomic traditions of the itineraries by bringing the products and wines of the region onto the ship. In addition to the dedicated S.A.L.T. Kitchen and Lab, which we were already familiar with, on Silver Nova, the experience extends to the Chef’s Table, as mentioned, and is joined by unique experiences like dedicated excursions for the program or an aperitif at the S.A.L.T. Bar. This element significantly enriches the overall cruise experience and fully immerses guests in the history and traditions of the places visited.

As with the restaurants, some onboard spaces are familiar on Silver Nova, although they have been redesigned and often have much larger spaces. Yet, even in this context, novelties are not lacking. The Shelter, for example, is the perfect place for evening aperitifs, located on Deck 3 near the Atlantide and S.A.L.T. Kitchen restaurants. Another completely new venue is the Dusk Bar, situated on the aft exterior, providing wonderful moments overlooking the sea.

The Dolce Vita is also a staple, located on Deck 5 with a large oval bar counter at the center of the space. Just like the Panorama Lounge, equipped with an outdoor area, ideal for evening dancing. In the same aft area on the left side of the ship, you will find the Connoisseur’s Corner, also elegant and expanded, with large side windows overlooking the sea. Before entering, there are some very beautiful and relaxing reading areas, furnished as cozy individual lounges. The Art’s Café, another great classic, serves coffee and snacks throughout the day. It occupies the central part of Deck 4, along with services like Guest Service and Shore Concierge.

The Observation Lounge is traditionally located forward, preceded on the right side by the S.A.L.T. Bar. A quiet and relaxing environment where you can read a good book or enjoy a drink, always available at the self-service station. The Library is also located here, intimate and rich with illustrated texts and volumes.

The lido area of Silver Nova is one of the spaces that most reflects the asymmetric design. The funnels are staggered, placed on the right side and left side of the ship. The Observation Lounge occupies the forward semicircle in a more traditional manner but then opens on one side to the S.A.L.T. Lab and on the other to the S.A.L.T. Bar. A pleasant shaded area, decorated with orange trees, separates this zone from the pool area. The pool itself, very beautiful and panoramic, occupies one side of the deck, leaving space for the Pool Bar and sun loungers on the opposite side. On Deck 11, there is the Cliff Whirlpool, a jacuzzi overlooking the ship’s side, and numerous spaces for sunbathing and enjoying the navigation.

The Otium Spa brings ancient Roman-inspired treatments and services on board Silver Nova, with a decidedly innovative and cutting-edge philosophy. The spaces dedicated to saunas and Turkish baths are spacious and also offer beautiful sea views. The Beauty Salon offers a wide range of services for both men and women. The fitness area has an aerobics section and advanced technology to track all workouts. The shops are located on Deck 5, offering elegantly designed clothing, along with jewelry, small souvenirs, and other items. In the same area, there is the Casino, equipped with slot machines and tables.

On Silver Nova, the Venetian Lounge takes on the appearance of a true theater. Accessible from the bow of Deck 4, it offers seating both in the balcony and on a raised platform. Here, all kinds of shows are held, accompanied by impeccable acoustics and always accompanied by pleasant aperitifs and canapés.

The exclusivity of Silver Nova lies in having launched a class of ships extraordinarily different from both the previous ones in the Silversea Cruises fleet and within the overall luxury cruise panorama. At the same time, the project has managed to integrate such a revolutionary concept into the tradition of Silversea services, slightly larger in scale, reimagining the key features that identify the brand as one of the most luxurious and comprehensive in the industry. Asymmetry and horizontal layout are the keywords of the Nova class, which we will soon see on board Silver Ray as well. However, the impact of design and ship structure innovations is not the only thing that impresses the guests.


Over the years, Silversea Cruises has introduced a series of services that transform a cruise into a true experiential journey. The expanded and developed S.A.L.T. program on Silver Nova is one of the main elements of guest engagement in the itinerary. It is reinforced by exclusive and engaging excursion programs, extending the company’s luxury and attention to its guests even ashore. The Otium Spa ensures the philosophy of well-being on board, with a series of treatments and services that engage guests in relaxing moments of rest and relaxation.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that the project is one of the most sustainable ever realized, making Silver Nova one of the most eco-friendly ships ever launched. A range of technologies guarantees an extraordinarily reduced environmental impact, starting from the hull shape, which significantly reduces fuel consumption, to shore power, and all innovations in onboard waste treatment.

While subjective, the encounter with Silver Nova conveyed the impression of a truly innovative, comfortable, and relaxing environment. The artworks enhance a design that is equally original, playing with soft and muted colors throughout the spaces. The sensation is one of modern elegance, meticulously crafted, yet not flaunted and unwilling to succumb to excesses.

When all this is combined with a passenger-to-crew ratio among the highest at sea, the butler service, the range of itineraries planned for the first months of operation, Silver Nova becomes one of the most intriguing luxury segment products of the moment and undoubtedly capable, with the arrival of Silver Ray, of maintaining this status for a long time.

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Gabriele Bassi