On board Msc Grandiosa

The MSC Grandiosa is the first ship in the Meraviglia-Plus class, a version that is 16 meters longer than the prototype. The concept for the new flagship, that follows that of the two previous sister ships, was designed to amaze not only those who are already fond of the MSC Cruises brand, but also cruisers who are used to traveling on the ships of the major world players of the sector.


The MSC Grandiosa was designed to guarantee passengers the same “wow” effect of the big Royal Caribbean ships. A symbol of this “wow” philosophy is the extraordinary Galleria Grandiosa that is akin to the concept of the Royal Promenade. The Galleria is a promenade inside the ship that is 112 meters long, two decks high, and topped by an amazing domed led ceiling (which will amaze you with incredible views). This promenade is where all the main locals are located and where the passengers spend much of their time. This promenade is longer than the one on the Meraviglia and the Bellissima, both of which are 96 meters.

This was made possible by the aforementioned lengthening of the ship. This area is where the main changes to the hotel design are concentrated, with respect to the prototype. At the deck 6 level, on the left, the French Bistro has been enlarged, while in front of this we find a new shopping area of larger dimensions. The Steakhouse (of reduced dimensions) has been moved to the deck 7 level on the left, which is next to the Teppaniaki and Sushi Bar. In this way, a large space on the right has been created where the new restaurant dedicated to the cabins, Aurea, has been positioned.

Another distinct characteristic of this class of ship is the large room on the stern, the Carousel, where the prestigious Circ du Soleil performances take place, a revisit of the Two70 from the Quantum class.

The “wow” effect of the Msc Grandiosa is combined with the usual elegance of the interiors of the MSC Cruises ships that we have always appreciated. The excellence of the décor is an indelible trademark that is combined now with large interiors spaces.

Once again the idea of the “ship within a ship” of the MSC Yacht Club is used, this time even larger with respect to the Fantasia class. It can be found in the most prestigious part of the ship, meaning high up on the prow, and the interior design and services are similar to those of luxury ships. The other important features of this ship are: ample open decks with both covered and uncovered swimming pools, the ever present wellness center, many specialty restaurants, a waterpark, and a large area dedicated to children. Besides a buffet open 20 hours a day, there are the four main restaurants that are included in the price of the cruise and guarantee an excellent Mediterranean culinary experience where traditional dishes are king.

Let’s recap the “numbers” of this new giant. Its gross tonnage is 181,541 tons, its overall length is 331.43 meters and its width at the waterline is 43 meters. The electric generation is guaranteed by four Wärtsilä motors, two 12V46F that are 14.400 kW each and two 16V46F that are 19.200 kW each: thus the total installed power is 67.2 MW. There are two Azipod ABB motors dedicated to propulsion that are 19,2 MW each, that allow the ship to reach a speed of 22,3 knots (41,3 Km/h).

On board, passengers have at their disposal 2,421 cabins which are able to host a maximum of 6,334 guests, and in addition to this there are 1,704 crew members. These are big numbers that will put a strain on the ports where this ship will dock. In fact, each home port will have to handle the transit, boarding, and disembarking of more than 6,000 people a week, not even mentioning all the supplies that need to be loaded.

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Matteo Martinuzzi


Freddy M
Thanks Matteo. I've be on the Msc Meraviglia and I really spent wonderful days on a Northern Europe itinerary. Great ships, even if so large.