Introduction to the World Traveller

World Traveller is the fourth ship in the Mystic Cruises fleet and is distinguished by being “relatively small, and capable of undertaking expedition voyages in distant and difficult to navigate seas, including visits to remote locations where a large cruise ship can’t reach”.

World Traveller will be able to accommodate 200 passengers and 112 crew members, with the highest standards of quality and comfort. The ship built at the Viana do Castelo shipyards will take customers to the Arctic and the Antarctic area, in the high season of these two destinations.

The World Traveller is 126 meters long, a hull that was made to be able to walk in icy waters, and the bow is prepared to break ice up to a meter high. the World Traveler has a modern, simple, cheerful and Mediterranean look“. The team needed two years to carry out the decoration project for the various facilities, from an amphitheater with capacity for more than 180 people that functions as a cinema room or space for other shows, in addition to the swimming pool, sauna, SPA, gym, luxury, bar and restaurants.

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Rui Minas