Poseidon Expeditions

  • Fleet 3
  • Oldest ships 1980
  • Newest ships 2009
  • Flag Bahamas, Russia
  • Language English
  • CurrencyUSD
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Poseidon Expeditions is a cruise line specializing in expedition cruises that offers itineraries in Antarctica and the Arctic with a very diverse, small fleet. Their mission is to combine luxury and comfort with reaching extreme places, thus offering a unique cruise experience.
The ships employed by Poseidon Expeditions offer a high level of comfort and services, the crew and staff are always available to take care of all passengers’ needs and educate them about the routes taken. Whether aboard the small Sea Spirit or the incredible 50 Years of Victory, the only ship that can reach the North Pole, a cruise with Poseidon Expeditions is a unique experience.

Cruise ships

Fifty Years of Victory


Sea Spirit


Kapitan Dranitsyn