Northern Europe, Baltic, Arctic

Cities filled with art and marvelous landscapes alternate each other on the Northern European, Artic and Baltic itineraries. In the summer months, numerous companies move their ships to these areas, proposing a huge variety of itineraries. Expedition companies depart to discover the islands of Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland. The Norwegian fjords are also a must-visit, with itineraries of varying lengths. The capital cities, another wonderful destination of each company, are some of the most beautiful in Europe including: Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, Gdansk, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo and more. Companies offering one-way or roundtrip journeys from Great Britain are growing. And lastly, some small companies offer unique and specialized itineraries in Scotland and the Channel Islands, while Hurtigruten offers cruises departing every day of the year along the Norwegian coast.

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