Msc and Costa Beverage Packages: how to choose?

The Costa Cruises and Msc Cruises beverage packages explained in detail, so you have all the information, advice and opinions about the best choice to make for you!

The success of an unforgettable holiday highly depends on the choice of the onboard “extras” you choose, just as the success of a good dish depends on the quality of the ingredients. For this reason, choosing the right beverage package is a serious matter, and it is always best to evaluate the different alternatives offered by cruise lines according to your needs. In my opinion, given the different experiences I have had on board cruise ships, it is always best to pre-purchase the drinks package before boarding, either at the travel agency or directly from the company’s website. By doing so you can save on the early booking and buy packages at advantageous rates.

It is not necessary to select your desired beverage package at the time of booking, instead you can wait to do it even just a few days before departure without any problem, of course that is unless you already selected a rate that included a drinks package in the cost of the cabin. An example is the Costa Cruises ALL INCLUSIVE rate which already includes a series of extras in the price of the cabin, including the “Brindiamo” drinks package. But let’s take a closer look at the various alternatives proposed in more detail.

On board Costa Cruises ships you can find the package that is right for you, starting with the LUNCH AND DINNER package, where guests have drinks included during lunch and dinner, choosing from soft drinks, beer and wines served by the glass. Combined with the lunch and dinner package you can also buy the YOUTH LUNCH AND DINNER for families traveling with children, with a choice of non-alcoholic drinks and soft drinks that are suitable for children. This is the most fitting package for those who prefer to do a lot of excursions, spending less time on the ship, and who prefer to save a little money.

If, instead, you want to feel very pampered from morning to evening, the ideal package for you is the BRINDIAMO, already included for those who buy a cabin with the ALL INCLUSIVE formula. This experience will allow you to enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, classic hot drinks as well as selected wines and spirits served both during meals, but also in all bars throughout the day… isn’t this a fantastic idea?

Costa has also created a formula for adding even more flavor to cruising life, so if during your holiday you can’t help but enjoy exquisite cocktails such as Mojito, Caipirinha, Daiquiri and many others, I suggest adding the PIU’ GUSTO/MORE TASTE package to your holiday, which is certainly the most appreciated by cocktail lovers.

And now we arrive to the most complete drink services available on Costa Cruises ships, the INTENDITORE package, which will ensure that you taste the best wines from the most prestigious wineries, all cocktails, including even molecular ones at a very advantageous price, as well as the minibar and 24-hour room service. Finally, there is a package dedicated to the youngest (from 4 to 17 years old) who are on holiday with mom and dad, the GIOVANI/YOUTH package in fact includes a wide choice of soft drinks, including juices, soft drinks, smoothies and delicious hot chocolate drinks to satisfy the tastes of young cruisers.

MSC Cruises passengers have the possibility to choose, right from the moment of booking, the type of “experience” they want to have during their holiday. In fact, in the Aurea and Yatch Club experiences the drinks in the various bars and restaurants are already included and unlimited… everything to ensure the perfect vacation! Obviously MSC also has something planned for those who like to drink, but without the alcohol!  And therefore the NON-ALCOHOLIC PACKAGE offers excellent refreshing drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices and non-alcoholic cocktails, mineral water and classic coffee drinks. By purchasing this package, these drinks are included throughout the day in all bars and restaurants. Similar to this is the MSC NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS CHILDREN package, for children ages 3 to 17.

One of the best-selling packages to date is the EASY package, which is very complete because it includes unlimited drinks in bars and restaurants with a wide choice of soft drinks, wines and Heineken beer by the glass, a selection of classic cocktails, mineral water and the most popular “classics” like espresso and cappuccino. But that’s not all, this last package can become PREMIUM for all guests who wish to add a wide choice of wines by the glass, draft and bottled beers, including all aperitifs, bitters, liqueurs and all cocktails up to a maximum of 10 euros per drink.

And finally, there is the PREMIUM PLUS package which adds, in addition to the items listed in the previous package, a special selection of spirits for connoisseurs, special cocktails such as Champagne and the minibar in-room service, as well as a discount of up to 30% on the best bottles of wine from top wineries.

For both companies, something that is very important to know is that the same beverage package must be purchased for all guests staying in the same cabin or with the same booking number. In addition, the companies change what they offer frequently, with new items or price updates, so we invite you to check the availability of the packages and what they include either on the company websites, with your travel agent or directly on board, to ensure you view the latest versions and the actual drinks available.

On board, the choice of what to drink is infinite and you will have a plethora of delicious items to choose from no matter what you love! By choosing the perfect package for you, you will add the right panache to your cruise to enjoy in any onboard situation like a toast with new cruise friends, a special wine accompaniment during a gala dinner, or clinking glasses during an aperitif at sunset. In short, there will be plenty of opportunities, the choice is yours … cheers!

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Giulia Pasetto  Kasba Viaggi