Costa fascinosa: the Club Cruise 2022

Here we are at the Costa Club Cruise 2022 which took place on board Costa Fascinosa with an unprecedented 15-day itinerary to the Azores.

Let’s find out what happened in the Cruising Journal’s travel report!

Upon arriving at the Palacrociere di Savona, after quick and efficient boarding procedures, we are now on board! Personalized C | Club signs, which represent the new levels of the Club, surround you and therefore you immediately understand that this is a special cruise! When you get into the cabin you will find a warm welcome, a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine, one of the various benefits reserved for platinum members, a new level of the Costa Club.

The first day on board was about preparation, enough time to settle in the cabin, and recharge for the many activities that would follow in the days ahead.

The voyage to the Azores with Costa Fascinosa departing from Savona, touched 8 ports, such as Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Cadiz, Lisbon, Praia da Vitória, Ponta Delgada, Madeira and Malaga.

A combination of history, landscapes, nature, volcanic beaches, adventure and discoveries that we have been able to fully experience with the excursions organized by Costa Cruises.


So let’s start the journey! There were several distinctive moments during this cruise, first of all the dancing, photography and cooking competitions between the members divided into teams based on their club level (Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). A moment of celebration and sharing among the members, who began to socialize, get to know each other and share their experiences. For the dance competition the members prepared choreographies together with the professional dancers on board, for the photo competition the guests received valuable advice from Michele dalla Palma, National Geographic photographer who accompanies guests on selected excursions and finally for the cooking competition the guests were supervised by the chefs on board with a special judge during the final, namely Bruno Barbieri!

Another peculiarity of this cruise was the Destination Moments, which took place during the days of navigation. What are they? Afternoon moments in which the Chefs presented a typical street food of the next destination, which we could then enjoy at the afternoon buffet, with a show attached to it, an event that had to do with that destination, a moment of true connection with the place we would visit!

The Destination moments were dedicated: to Spain, where we were able to taste the “Bocadillos” of prawns and Croquetas de Jamon, accompanied by a fantastic performance from the Flamenco dancers;

To the Azores where we tasted the pork “Bifana” and the vegetable “Rissois”, accompanied by a live demonstration of hairdressing using a typical flower of the Azores;

To Portugal with the presentation of “Patatas Bravas” while an artist was painting Azulejos, a typical ornament of Portuguese architecture;

To France with a very good focaccia with anchovies and onions and the live performance of a Montmartre-style portrait painter who made splendid portraits of the passengers;

Finally, one dedicated to Italy with typical Sicilian street food, “pane e panelle” and “arancine” with an exhibition dedicated to Sicily by the entertainment staff.

Sticking with the food theme that was always present are the unpublished Destination dishes of the 3 star Chefs, which can be enjoyed for dinner in the main restaurant, and special desserts linked to the destination by the Corporate Pastry Chef Riccardo Bellaera who also curated two workshops during the cruise unveiling some secrets of pastry and showed the preparation of some desserts.

The National Geographic workshops with photographer and geologist were also unique and interesting, during which they made us ready for what would be our excursions, giving us tips and useful information to experience them to the fullest!

The protagonists of this cruise were also the Parties, from classics such as the White night, during which ice sculptures were created, to brand-new parties such as the explo night, themed great explorations, and even flower powder!

Moving to the theater, we attended truly spectacular shows, with exceptional artists, while one evening there was a live concert by Matthew Lee, an Italian pianist and singer who transported us into his world with his charisma!

But the most exclusive and adrenaline-pumping party was the C | Club party that took place on the last evening! A great party in which the awarding of the winning members of the competitions followed one another, with the participation of Matthew Lee and finally an amazing live concert by Amii Stewart who lit up the stage of the Bel Ami theater in Costa Fascinosa!

On board, we also tried the various experiences offered by costa cruises aboard its ships. An evening in Archipelago where you can enjoy one of the 3 menus of the 3 star Chefs Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze and Ángel León, experiencing a culinary journey with the matching of wines, one for each course, took dinner to another level. An aperitif at Sushino at Costa with a sea view accompanied by bubbles, where you can choose between an aperitif, dinner or take away. A good homemade ice cream from Amarillo in the ice cream parlor on board. A tricolor pizza at the Pizzeria Pummid’oro, which saying it is good is an understatement! And finally a dinner at the Fascinosa club restaurant, only express cuisine freshly prepared and served by the best maîtrees in an intimate and elegant setting.

Do not forget another of the privileges reserved for Platinum members, a fantastic day spent at the Costa Fascinosa Spa, including a sauna, jacuzzi and a relaxing massage with a truly special welcome and hospitality!

Definitely a unique, unforgettable experience, full of educational activities and lots of fun! All that remains is to wait for the next club cruise which will take place in November 2022!

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Giorgia Lombardo