The Silver Origin enters into the Silversea fleet

On June 3, 2020 the new ultra-luxury expedition ship, the Silver Origin, was officially delivered to Silversea Cruises. The ship was built in the De Hoop shipyards and completed with great skill and tenacity despite the obstacles imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Present on board for the unveiling were all the highest representatives of Silversea Cruises: President Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, CEO Roberto Martinoli, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations & Onboard Revenue Damien O’Connor and Marketing Director Barbara Muckermann. The flag ceremony and the tour of the ship were held against the backdrop of Rotterdam.

“It was a very proud moment for me to see in person the official handover ceremony of the Silver Origin and to welcome the first ship for a specific destination into the Silversea fleet. I am very grateful to everyone that participated in the construction, in particular to the professionals of the De Hoop Shipyard,” states Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio. “In September 2013, Silversea became the first cruise ship company to bring an ultra-luxury ship to the Galapagos Archipelago. We invested our know-how in the design of the Silver Origin. Each element of the ship was designed with the destination in mind and created to enhance the passengers’ experience, while promoting a profound respect for this magnificent ecosystem and everything that inhabits it.”

“We welcome the beautiful Silver Origin into our fleet as the first new ship after entering into our collaboration with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.,” states the Silversea CEO Roberto Martinoli. “The ship demonstrates how fruitful this collaboration has been and provides an indication of the great success that awaits us. With the destination experience of Silversea and the precious support of the RCL group, with the Silver Origin we have expanded the boundaries of extra-luxury travel in the Galapagos. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that made this possible, including my Silversea and RCL colleagues, but above all the De Hoop Shipyard that had to overcome many challenges to complete the ship.”

The ceremony was small, both for safety reasons and logistical difficulties, but that did not prevent us from experiencing the emotions of the delivery event and discovering a ship of great innovation, technology and elegance. Let’s explore it in detail, discovering the new features and services of this first ship to be delivered since the outbreak of the emergency.

All the interior spaces of the Silver Origin were designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates in Miami, with special features for the destination for which the ship had been destined from the beginning: the Galapagos Islands.

We begin from the spectacular Marina, designed with great attention to detail in order to offer the guests an innovative experience of entering the ship and disembarking. Connected to the Basecamp, the area from where the Zodiac rafts embark, it has comfortable sofas, showers for the guests to wash off the equipment, racks to comfortably store wetsuits and other equipment and an innovative folding stern with special boarding structures that can simultaneously accommodate two Zodiacs. As the Silver Origin will have the highest ratio of Zodiac-to-guest in the Galapagos (1:12,5), between decks 2 and 3 a large garage was created with hydraulic doors, hatches and cranes to store six of the ship’s eight Zodiacs, while two will be stowed in the bow.

The Basecamp is one of the most unique areas of the Silver Origin, designed with the intention of “bringing the destination on board” the ship, even before having visited it. At the center of the ship, it is 551 m2 wide and will host educational activities during which guests will interact with the Silversea team of guides – all permanent residents of the Galapagos and certified by the Galapagos National Park – to learn about the fauna and landscapes both before and after the landings on the islands. It includes a large interactive digital wall of 624×162 cm through which guests can access content on the places on the itinerary, videos with underwater footage and scientific information.

The Explorer Lounge, another large hall, sets itself apart for its elegance and refinement, in true Silversea style. Suitable for all hours, it is also a place for conferences, live music, and consultation of the available library. The outdoor terrace is the ideal environment to enjoy the view and breathe in the pleasure of the new Silversea ship.

You won’t easily forget the view from the Observation Lounge, offering a 180° panorama, the ideal place to enjoy sailing between the islands of the archipelago or to simply relax with a good book in an environment of great elegance and comfort.

Culture and professionalism come together at the dining table as well. Immersed in the elegance of the Restaurant or the Grill you can taste the delicacies that are in line with Silversea’s S.A.L.T program in complete safety following new and very attentive cleaning standards. Present as well is the famous Hot Rock which is characteristic of the fleet but this time personalized in an Ecuadorian style.

The gym, unusually large for a ship of this size, offers cutting edge equipment and a beautiful view of the sea. There are many services offered at the Spa and in the beauty salon.

The gym, unusually large for a ship of this size, offers cutting edge equipment and a beautiful view of the sea. There are many services offered at the Spa and in the beauty salon.

A ship such as the Silver Origin of course has to offer a range of very high-level suites. The Owner’s Suite is an incredible 160 m2, but the other categories of suites are also large, bright and welcoming. The sea view shower is just one of the many surprises that will wow you on this splendid new ship. Decorated in neutral tones and natural materials that complement the Galapagos environment, and designed by GEM, all the suites have full-height windows and a private balcony, while some selected suites also have the innovative Horizon Balcony, which transforms into a full-height window at the touch of a button.

What Silversea offers in the Galapagos Islands isn’t just a simple cruise but a true journey of exploration, discovering one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth from the total comfort of an incredibly elegant and avant-garde ship. The size of the ship and the prevention protocols used on board add safety and protection for all its passengers to the experience.

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Gabriele Bassi