Silver Origin: Technical launch in Holland

The Silver Origin, the first ship of Silversea Cruises that was built specifically for an itinerary, has officially had its ship launch from the De Hoop a Lobith shipyards in Holland. With only suites on board and a maximum capacity of 100 guests, the Silver Origin went into the water on December 30th, 2019. The new exploration ship will begin its cruise cycle this coming July 18th directly in the Galapagos Islands.


“This is an important milestone for our company; it takes us another step forward in strengthening our leadership in the field in the Galapagos Islands”, said Roberto Martinoli President and CEO of Silversea. “When the Silver Origin welcomes guests in July 2020, the ship will be the most elegant ship that has ever navigated in this region. While we are completing the final phases of the construction of the Silver Origin, ensuring that the ship surpasses the level of comfort guaranteed by Silversea, we are at the same time preparing our Expedition Team that will offer our guests an enriching and memorable experience.”

The fortunate future guests of the Silver Origin will be accompanied by highly trained personnel and experts of the equatorial archipelago. They will offer not only unforgettable excursions among the most beautiful of the islands, but also conferences on board, discussions and “cultural” preparation about the uncontaminated nature visited during these exclusives cruises.

The itineraries that Silversea offers with this new ship will include flights and overnight stays in Quito before the cruise departure, as well as transfers and excursions. The Silver Origin, just like the other ships in the fleet, will offer a completely all-inclusive package with free Wi-Fi and special equipment for excursions available.

Guests that travel on board the Silver Origin will room in luxurious suites with ocean views, and they will benefit from sumptuous dining and the personalized service of a steward to assist them. To enrich the experience the cruise has these all-inclusive services: the inclusion of selected wines, premium liquors and other alcoholic drinks served throughout the ship; the in-room minibar filled with local snacks; 24-hour a day room service and in suite dining service; free Wi-Fi; free expedition equipment such as a waterproof backpack, a rain jacket and a metallic bottle with high-quality water. There will be two types of weekly itineraries offered on a rotating basis.

Marvelous places, combined with an extremely elegant and welcoming ship, will make these Silver Origin itineraries a truly unforgettable experience.

You can find information and updates about the Silver Origin and other ships in the Silversea Cruises fleet on Cruising Journal.


Gabriele Bassi