SH Minerva: the first technical float out for Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic announced with satisfaction the technical float out of the SH Minerva, at the Helsinki Shipyard and, on the same day, its twin ship the SH Vega was floated inside the dry dock.

A few days before, the production of the steel for the third and largest ship commissioned from Helsinki began, which has been given the project name of Vega 3 for the time being. The Swan Hellenic fleet is taking form in the time expected, to accompany adventurers and demanding travelers on an ample and unique cruise program, some already completely sold out. The objective is that of giving guests the opportunity to “see what others don’t see.” All three ships have been designed to minimize the environmental impact and comply with the latest emission standards.

The SH Minerva, with its 115 meters and 10,500 gross tons, has been specially designed for cruises all over the world and is destined to explore the most challenging and inaccessible destinations on earth.

The ship features elegant and spacious 5-star accommodations for 152 guests in 76 spacious staterooms and suites, most with large balconies, and will be managed by a team of 120 staff on board, which nearly equals the number of passengers reflecting the high level of attention reserved by on-board staff to guests to guarantee the highest levels of services.

The SH Minerva is designed for immersive experiences, with its sweeping open views of the sea and the surrounding scenery and has an expedition laboratory, a marine life library, and an observation and conference room. Day trips on the Zodiac boats are a central feature of the excursion programs, along with kayaking, trekking and other activities. Onboard amenities include a gym, a spa, a sauna, a pool deck with bar, a rooftop restaurant and a club lounge serving upscale cuisine.

The SH Minerva will be delivered to Swan Hellenic in October 2021, instead the SH Vega will be delivered in the spring of 2022 and the third ship, for the time being called the Vega 3, is slated for fall 2022.

Andrea Zito, CEO of Swan Hellenic, declared that he is satisfied with the quality of the work done by Helsinki Shipyard and is certain that guests will be pleasantly surprised by the ship and even more by the life style offered on board.

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Giuliana Durazzo