Sea Cloud Spirit opens to booking

The delivery of the new Sea Cloud Spirit is expected within the original set terms and therefore passengers can now book the first dates of cruises onboard this magnificent sailing ship with interesting offers. The inaugural trip of the new flagship Sea Cloud Cruises is set for August 29, 2020 from Lisbon to Civitavecchia.

Daniel Schäfer detailed how the construction of the ship employed all the most innovative techniques, both for comfort as well as sustainability. The Sea Cloud Spirit, with a length of 138 meters and the ability to host up to 136 passengers, represents the first new unit to be built for Sea Cloud Cruises since 2001, the year the Sea Cloud II was launched. The decision to wait to open the reservations, Schäfer explained, was due to the fear of delays that are always possible within the shipbuilding industry.

Sea Cloud Cruises can be proud of their long cruising tradition, going back to 1979, and at the moment they are getting ready to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of the Sea Cloud sailing ship, that despite its age is one of the most popular ships in the world.

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Gabriele Bassi