Ponant is number one for respecting the environment

Ponant has created a new approach to cruising, proposing a travel experience on the sea which also supports the development of responsible tourism.  Now their yachts have helped them gain notoriety as one of the companies with the highest respect for the environment.

This important achievement has just been recognized by the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) which has published its 2020 rankings. The German association NABU collaborates with “Cittadini per l’Aria” on the project “Let the Mediterranean Breathe” with the aim of creating the establishment of a low ship emission area in the Mediterranean. This is an important recognition for Ponant that, with this result, sets an example for the entire cruise industry for the development of a more sustainable tourism aiming to reach increasingly higher standards.

Ponant opted to stop using heavy fuel oil by adopting the latest technological innovations including: LNG, biofuels, catalytic converters, dockside electrical connections and hybridization of ships. Also noteworthy is the company’s solid commitment to the reduction of single-use plastics, through guest-awareness programs.

“These are all decisions that we have made as dedicated mariners and stakeholders in the tourism of tomorrow,” declared Nicolas Dubreuil, an expert in polar and tropical expeditions and the sustainable development director for Ponant.

In compiling their list for 2020, NABU evaluated each cruise company’s overall decisions impacting the environment, taking into consideration 8 environmental criteria for climate protection:

– Compliance with the Paris Agreement

– Climate strategy

– Emission reduction

– Efficiency measures

– Shore power

– Stopping the use of heavy fuel oil

– Nitrogen oxide catalysts

– Soot particle filters

On board these marvelous ships, you can truly enjoy the art of living through unforgettable sensory experiences that begin with the beauty of the surroundings and continue with the excellent culinary experiences and countless other wonderful discoveries to be cherished. Ponant always maintains its promise of offering you an unforgettable cruise experience.

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Gina Daga